BAND OF HORSES - Things Are Great

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A good bit of rock and a lotta roll have always characterized Band of Horses’ sound. From the soft-spoken love songs to the speaker-blowing bangers, Ben Bridwell’s uniquely pitchy voice and unfazed blunt lyricism carry the band’s songs through lively twists and turns.

Their latest record, the curiously titled “Things Are Great,” is no exception. As the success of the lead-off single “Crutch” has shown, Bridwell’s writing still hits the spot. It’s easy to find something satisfying in the flow of the music and to resonate with the contents of the lyrics.

Lyrics are where the album draws the most attention to itself. Bridwell has often narrated elaborate but clear images (listen to “The Funeral” from 2006’s “Everything All the Time,” for example)...

 Sonically, “Things Are Great” appears well within the realm of Band of Horses’ discography. On average, it’s a little less twinkle and light touch and a bit more driven rock. They draw out the momentum of flowy chord progressions and tight percussion perhaps even more than usual...

The album has quite a few highlight tracks. There is “Crutch,” the album’s catchiest song. It has everything we’ve come to expect from Band of Horses: Bridwell’s soaring voice, crisp guitars and dramatic dynamics. Then there’s the layered and heavy hitting “In Need of Repair.”

 In the end, “Things Are Great” is quite the catalog of simple realizations, another wonderful piece of work from a band who is clearly capable, after 15 years, of releasing poignant and relevant records."   

- Julien A. Luebbers,

A1 Warning Signs
A2 Crutch
A3 Tragedy Of The Commons
A4 In The Hard Times
A5 In Need Of Repair
B1 Aftermath
B2 Lights
B3 Ice Night We're Having
B4 You Are Nice To Me
B5 Coalinga