BAD RELIGION – The New America

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"Following the release of the sub par album No Substance in 1998, Bad Religion went into the studio with Todd Rundgren, a long time pop/rock producer. On this fact alone, many fans of their earlier work (Against the Grain, Suffer) might not take to this albums catchy hooks and melody's straight away. After No Substance, which was said by many to be just another regurgitation of the now a tired punk genre, its not surprising that Bad Religion decided to take a new direction, which Rundgren would obviously provide. There are raw moments on the album, in songs like 1000 memories, A streetkid named Desire, and The Hopeless Housewife, which serve to give the record a good balance of hard/soft and pop/punk dynamics. This is not to say that the album can be classified as pop by any sense of the word, its just more rooted in melody than something like Against the Grain, which has a few more 'disposable' tracks."         - antievilninja,

You've Got A Chance 3:40
It's A Long Way To The Promise Land 2:28
A World Without Melody 2:31
New America 3:24
1000 Memories 3:00
A Streetkid Named Desire 3:17
Whisper In Time 2:32
Believe It 3:41
I Love My Computer 3:05
The Hopeless Housewife 2:58
There Will Be A Way 2:52
Let It Burn 2:43
Don't Sell Me Short