AUTHORITIES. THE – Soundtrack For Trouble 7"

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Snarling straight out of Stockton, California and back on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years, the Authorities have re-released their classic and much coveted Soundtrack for Trouble EP. 

Originally released on Selecta in 1982, it features the Killed by Death classics "Radiationmasturbation," "I Hate Cops," "Achtung!" and "Shot in the Head." The reissued EP also includes two never-before-released recordings of "Between the Thighs" and "LSD." Find out why record collecting scum have scoured the earth trying to get their filthy little mitts on this rare 7-inch gem.

Achtung! 1:55
I Hate Cops 1:07
RadiationMasturbation 0:51
Shot In The Head