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"One thing that is consistent across the album is that Turner is spooked, channeling paranoia through lyrics about spies and, even seedier, show business. On “Mr Schwartz,” the titular character is a commanding presence, if a bit of a mystery. The world around him bursts to life, and when Turner elegantly sings a line like, “Wardrobe’s lint-rolling your velveteen suit and smudging dubbin on your dancing shoes,” it’s clear that this man is of great import, catered to by his devotees as if he’s Jay Gatsby, but nothing untoward ever happens. The feeling of being in the wrong place or that something is amiss continues on “Sculptures of Anything Goes,” a song whose arrangement conveys the sensation of being trapped in a dark room, alone with anxieties and echoes, as Turner sings about foreign television performances and stark hallways. Everything is mixed-up, not wrong or bad, but peculiar, itching for a stasis it can’t reach."  - Matthew Strauss, Pitchfork

There'd Better Be A Mirrorball 4:25
I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am 3:11
Sculptures Of Anything Goes 3:59
Jet Skis On The Moat 3:17
Body Paint 4:50
The Car 3:18
Big Ideas 3:57
Hello You 4:04
Mr Schwartz 3:30
Perfect Sense 2:47