ARCHERS OF LOAF – Reason In Decline

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"Reason in Decline doesn’t pose. Instead, these 10 tightly coiled songs rightfully treat those former concerns—bitter character studies of lovers and townies, jilted analyses of the overcrowded underground—like Clinton-era trifles, conflicts of no consequence in a time of autocrats and prospective apocalypse. Bachmann, now 52, funnels his vintage bile into new ducts here. “In the Surface Noise,” for instance, is a righteous elder’s anthem for the inspirational kids demanding systemic change. “Coming up from under/Myth, deception, subterfuge,” he barks, offering both a nod of approval and a wish that his own generation had gotten more things right. He turns backward and inward for “Mama Was a War Profiteer,” a beautiful tune where romantic sounds smartly cloak disdain for those apathetic souls who vacation their way through someone else’s injustice."   

- Grayson Haver Currin,

A1 Human
A2 Saturation And Light
A3 Screaming Undercover
A4 Mama Was A War Profiteer
A5 Aimee
B1 In The Surface Noise
B2 Breaking Even
B3 Misinformation Age
B4 The Moment You End
B5 War Is Wide Open