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"...And yet, this is still Arcade Fire, and you are unlikely to hear a more ambitious major label rock album in 2022. The lyrics touch on spiritual deliverance and the actual apocalypse; the credits list strings, horns, harp, congas, djembe, fiddle, and Peter Gabriel; influences include Dark Side of the Moon and Martin Luther King Jr. The entire record is structured as a journey from introspective angst (the first side is labeled “I”) to communal transcendence (the second is “We”) as if trying to put the pandemic to bed single-handedly. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a record try so desperately to move me, which isn’t inherently a bad thing. After all this time, Arcade Fire seem to have learned their imperfections are easier to gloss over when the music sweeps you up and away with it."     

- Sam Sodomsky,

Age Of Anxiety I
Age Of Anxiety II (Rabbit Hole)
End Of The Empire I-IV
Last Dance
Last Round
Leave The Light On
Sagittarius A
The Lightning I,II
Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)
Unconditional II (Race And Religion)