ANTI-CIMEX – Demos 81-85

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Side A comprised of various demo recordings from 1982 - 1985.
Side B is the full Anarkist Attack demo from 1981.

A1 Wave Of Fear
A2 Straight To Hell
A3 Victims Of A Bomb Raid
A4 Dead Struggle In A Burning Hell
A5 Progeria Power
A6 I Skuggan Ar Vett Krig
A7 Krossa NRP
A8 Jordens Undergang
A9 En Död Soldat
B1 Heroindöd
B2 Muting
B3 Anti Cimex
B4 Svaveldioxid
B5 Drömmusik
B6 Eibon
B7 Krossa NRP
B8 No Title
B9 No Title
B10 The Armed A Attack
B11 No TV Sketch
B12 Total Vagra
B13 Instrumental
B14 En Död Soldat
B15 Jordens Undergang