ALLIN, GG & THE JABBERS – 1980's Rock 'N' Roll / Cheri Love Affair

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Blood Orange Records is proud to announce the FIRST and ONLY Official Reissue of this iconic record! GG Allin's 2nd single, released in 1980 and meant to be more radio friendly for the new wave of punk taking over America. This single was recorded just as the Jabbers were coming to fruition and while they moved quickly on to recording their first full length LP. A record GG was never incredibly proud of, although he loved the songs, but both would be rearranged with new guitar and vocal tracks for the albums release. There’s not many of the original pressing in circulation so we wanted to bring you the original recordings, remastered and with bonus content. Originally released as a 2 song EP Blood Orange Records has added 2 more cuts to make it a 4 song 7”. Including both the original and LP versions of Cheri Love Affair we have also included the previously unheard original mix of 1980’s Rock N Roll (before it was brought to Tom Bartlett for a “tone down”) as well as the LP version. 

A1 1980's Rock 'N' Roll (LP Version)
A2 Cheri Love Affair (1979 Version) 2:47
B1 1980's Rock 'N' Roll (Unreleased Mix)
B2 Cheri Love Affair (LP Version)