ALIEN SEX FIEND – The Manic Nightmare Of Alien Sex Fiend (The Singles 1983-1985)

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"Although Alien Sex Fiend emerged via England’s early-’80s Batcave movement, the group was hardly typical of the era’s gothic genre. From its 1983 debut, “Ignore the Machine,” ASF established a unique sound, melding ghoulish frontman Nik Fiend’s (Wade) creepy Cockney-accented ravings to the pulsing cosmic keyboards of his consort, Mrs. Fiend; Johnny Ha-Ha’s drums are integrated with a burbling rhythm box, while Yaxi High-rizer spins off primitive Link Wray-via-the-Cramps guitar. Neither did they fit into the decadent glam image propagated by Specimen: theatrical enough to be their own horror movie, Nik’s Herman Munster/Alice Cooper synthesis is an original and enjoyable musical persona.

Undisturbed by mainstream trends, the Fiends have made a long, lunatic career out of a comic-book aesthetic and their own hallucinogenic strain of humor; through an untold number of releases, the only thing they ever seem to take seriously is having a freaky old time."   - TROUSER PRESS

Splatter colored vinyl edition!


A1 Lips Can't Go
A2 Drive My Rocket - Up Uranus
A3 Ignore The Machine (Electrode Mix)
A4 Girl At The End Of My Gun
A5 Dead And Buried
B1 R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)
B2 E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)
B3 Boneshaker Baby
B4 I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Home
B5 In And Out Of My Mind