AGNOSTIC FRONT - Victim in Pain

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"As far as the record goes. Victim in Pain is just pure short, fast, raw, angry bursts of angst ridden New York hardcore at its finest. Words of politics, and disillusionment (Back before it was cool to sing about these things in hardcore) Every track is a hardcore classic, from "Last Warning" to "Your Mistake" The album is far from what they are doing on epitaph now, this is the music that made them legends. Sure I may be bloating up Agnostic Fronts legacy a bit, but there are many people that don't know anything about this scene or city other than just band names and many east-coast bands deserve more recogniton than they get."   

- ChemicalWarfare,


A1 Victim In Pain
A2 Remind Them
A3 Blind Justice
A4 Last Warning
A5 United And Strong
A6 Power
B1 Hiding Inside
B2 Fascist Attitudes
B3 Society Suckers
B4 Your Mistake
B5 With Time