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"This record smells like clove cigarettes, leather, and B.O.!

In other words, fucking perfect. Like I’m going to be blowing gobs of black snot out my nose for the next three days while my ears ring, or bleed.

United Blood (The Extended Sessions) sounds like you’re in the room with Agnostic Front while they’re playing a CBGB matinee and someone recorded it. Only you don’t have to contend with sweaty combat-booted dudes landing on your head.

Sure, it’s mastered a little hot and I know some people have said they think it sounds bad or something, but to me it sounds perfect. And yes, there are a couple dropouts in the sound here and there, what’re ya gonna do?

We’re talking about 40-year-old tapes here."   

- Anthony Allen Begnal,

United Blood (Alternate Take)
No One Rules
Smell The Bacon / What's With You
Fuck All Authority
In Control
Blind Justice
Final War
Friend Or Foe
Last Warning
Society Suckers
Get Out (Unfinished Take)
Crucial Changes
We Should Care
Discriminate Me
Last Warning (Alternate Take)
Intro Bust
United Blood