AGGRESSION - Don't Be Mistaken

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The classic Nardcore LP !!!  

"Agression were on the front lines as they fused the union between skateboarding and punk rock cultures. Their fast-paced, pummeling songs not only became anthems for generations to come, but their convergence of punk’s anger and simplicity, mixed with the furious speed of hardcore, became the blueprint for all skate punk bands to follow. As they innovated, everyone else imitated.

Emerging from southern California in the early ’80s, Agression is considered to be the pioneers of the unique hardcore punk movement affectionately dubbed “Nardcore,” created by combining the words “Oxnard” and “Hardcore,” which originated in Oxnard, California. Outside of Agression this Southern California scene featured bands such as Stalag 13, Dr. Know, Scared Straight, and False Confession.

Don’t Be Mistaken is full of rapid-fire skatepunk rhythm and truly stands as a crowning achievement of the movement. The vocals are literally spit out, and the songs are as melodic as they are thrashy."  - from the Trust Records website

It Can Happen
Brain Bondage
Non Person
Body Count
Money Machine
No Mercy
Don't Be Mistaken
Intense Energy
Locals Only
Secret Sex
Stop The Clock
Cat Killer