AGENT ORANGE - Living in Darkeness

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"Agent Orange was a band that had a very unique sound, and was one of the most influential creative bands to come out of the early Orange County punk scene. They had a combination of surf music and punk that has never truely been repeated. The Offspring does a decent attempt on "Come Out and Play", but they weren't dark enough, musically or lyrically...With a combination of personal lyrics about the stuggles of being a punk in the early scene, and of just living life and retaining one's sainity, gripping social political comentary, and instrumental songs that provide the perfect soundtrack to a night's cruising."   - moldy,


A1 Too Young To Die
A2 Everything Turns Grey
A3 Miserlou
A4 The Last Goodbye
B1 No Such Thing
B2 A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
B3 Bloodstains
B4 Living In Darkness