ADICTS - Twenty Seven

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For the first time on vinyl this great album by the Adicts, originally released in 1992 on CD format only!  It features 18 superb pop-punk tracks in their initimitable style!

A1 Angel 2:56
A2 Love Sucks 1:34
A3 Do It 1:52
A4 That's Happiness 1:58
A5 Shangri-La 3:14
A6 Football Fairy Story 1:39
A7 Rossini 2:54
A8 Breakdown 1:47
A9 Give Me More 3:45
B1 Fuck It Up 3:24
B2 G.I.R.L. 2:22
B3 What Am I To Do 1:46
B4 Rockers In Rag 2:10
B5 Let's Dance 2:15
B6 7:27 2:20
B7 Bog 3:06
B8 Monkey & Kid 2:40
B9 Give Me More (Reprise) 0:49