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"Like the Undertones, Buzzcocks, and the Ramones, the Adicts' albums (and singles) have been filled with hook-laden pop-punk songs that are hard to ignore. Unlike the Undertones, Buzzcocks, and the Ramones, the Adicts have remained one of the most critically underappreciated punk bands of their generation. Guitarist Pete Dee drummer Kid Dee, bassist Mel Ellis, and vocalist Monkey have remained true to their vision and have mixed punk with theatrics and dynamics far more excitingly than any other band of their ilk. On this, their second full-length album, the band's musical personality gelled to the point of punk perfection, displaying a musical maturity and sharper songwriting skills than on their debut, Songs of Praise. Although they were, and still remain, a punk band at heart, this album shows them stretching their musical muscles a bit and experimenting within the punk framework. "Joker in the Pack" sports a nifty fiddle fighting for aural space with Pete's sonic guitar attack. "Disco" is a fun punkish take on the Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz." Acoustic guitars help propel the glorious single "Chinese Takeaway." One of the only missteps is the re-recording of their classic B-side, "Steamroller," which is not as exciting as the rollicking original."
- Stephen Schnee, All Music. com
  1. "How Sad"
  2. "4-3-2-1"
  3. "Chinese Takeaway"
  4. "Johnny Was a Soldier"
  5. "Disco"
  6. "Eyes in the Back of Your Head"
  7. "Joker in the Pack"
  8. "Lullaby"
  9. "My Baby Got Run Over by a Steamroller"
  10. "A Man's Gotta Do"
  11. "Let's Go"
  12. "Easy Way Out"
  13. "Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head"