4 SKINS – A Fistful Of........ 4Skins

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"A Fistful of…4-Skins is the second studio album by English punk rock/Oi! band, The 4-Skins, released in 1983 by Syndicate Records. In comparison to The 4-Skins’ previous material, “A Fistful Of…4-Skins” featured a slower, heavier, more melodic, hard rock-based sound.

Less successful than its predecessor, the album charted outside the Top 30 on the UK independent chart. The band members claimed that this was due to chart manipulation."

- bollockbrothers.wordpress.com

5 More Years (Layabouts Anthem)
Waiting For A Friend
Johnny Go Home
The Gambler
I’ll Stick To My Guns
On File
Forgotten Hero
The Spy From Alaska
No Excuse
City Boy
New War