BRATMOBILE – Pottymouth

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"Has any band ever done unalloyed, sneering contempt quite as witheringly as Pottymouth-era Bratmobile? The only competitors I can think of are the Sex Pistols and the Circle Jerks, and I’m not entirely convinced that either one came close. Bratmobile reveled in the feeling. On “Love Thing,” the first song from their first album, Allison Wolfe puts things as clearly as she possibly can: “I would die to not turn you on.” One song later — which is to say, 100 seconds later — she’s singing, “You’d like to stab me and fuck the wound” in a taunting playground singsong over a jittery lightspeed guitar jangle. Pottymouth blasts through its 17 songs in under 28 minutes, and its hooks jump and slash. Bratmobile’s buddies Bikini Kill, inarguably the most important first-generation riot grrrl band, were about more than rage; they were also about community and friendship and sex and binary-breaking. Bratmobile, with their single-string surf-punk riffs and unflagging tempos, never had that sort of dimension to them. But they were the first riot grrrl band to release a great full-length album, and that makes them pretty goddam important too..."       

 - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

A1 Love Thing
A2 Stab
A3 Cherry Bomb
A4 Throway
A5 P.R.D.C.T.
A6 Some Special
A7 Fuck Yr. Fans
B1 Polaroid Baby
B2 Panik
B3 Bitch Theme
B4 Richard
B5 Cool Schmool
B6 Juswanna
B7 Untitled
B8 Kiss & Ride
B9 No You Don't
B10 Queenie