BLATZ / FILTH ‎– A Touch Of Blatz / Destroy Everything ("Shit Split")

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"First, the Filth side. Let’s be honest. I can’t get into Filth. I mean it would be strange if I liked Filth, but that’s okay because a lot of people do, so there’s no reason for Filth to sit around in a squat and cry. Blatz, on the other hand, well, there’s not much to say except that: I love, love, love this band! A good portion of my high school years were spent singing along to “Cockroach Café” while contemplating how much I hated ninety-eight percent of the people I knew! Screamy yet poppy! Screamy in the most amazing way! Punk rock! If the Blatz side were a split, it’d be Frosted Mini-Wheats, rough around the edges, but with sugar on top! Filth would be regular Mini-Wheats, of course! If you don’t own this, you know what you need to do."

- Maddy, Razorcake

Touch Of Blatz
A1 Homemade Speed
A2 Lullabye
A3 Chuck
A4 Berkeley Is My Baby
A5 Cockroach Cafe
A6 California
A7 Dolly
A8 I Don’t Care About You
A9 Fuk Shit Up
Destroy Everything

B1 The List
B2 You Are Shit
B3 Night Of Rage
B4 Filth
B5 Violence As A Solution
B6 Scarred For Life
Banned From The Pubs