CHROME - Tidal Forces LP

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History lesson: In 1983 CHROME released an album called No Humans Allowed that was one side of strange, experimental music and one side of that classic Chrome art punk that had been blowing minds since the mid 70's. Immediately after its release HELIOS CREED went solo for 15 years and upon his return to the Chrome name he released Tidal Forces (No Humans Allowed pt II), another album of experimental music backed with classic Chrome rockers. The album was only released on CD and has never been reissued. Secret Records is proud to be the first to get this lost Chrome album out on vinyl as a limited-edition LP of 350 copies on translucent blue vinyl with a blue flexi 7". While remastering the album the track list was tweaked a little making it flow more like the original No Humans Allowed. Enjoy side A when in a psychedelic mood and side B when you need that deranged Helios, buzz-saw, space punk.