BATHORY - Twilight Of The Gods

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"I’m just going to cut to the chase: Twilight of the Gods is literally the greatest thing in the history of anything ever. It is an incredible front to back masterpiece, with every song in its place and every song having something to offer. It is one of metal’s finest albums, the pinnacle of what viking metal has to offer, and finally, the greatest Bathory album of all time. What makes this album so great? Is it the best vocal performance Quorthon ever gave? The complex yet driving songwriting? The immensely immersive amount of atmosphere? The production? The inspiring and poetic lyrics? Well, yes to all of those. However, it’s the sum of those things that makes this album truly a masterpiece: emotion. Emotion is a fantastic gauge of quality. While bad music makes you feel nothing and good music can make you feel familiar emotions, great music is able to make you feel something you’ve never felt before. The artist can do whatever the hell he wants to your emotions...

In conclusion, Twilight Of The Gods is nothing short of a masterpiece. Every single song on the album is 10/10, and every one of them is impeccably written and performed, with masterful lyrics and incredible use of atmosphere and emotion. This album is such a divergence from the notion of metal as well. Rather than being a kickass riff fest, or even just an atmospheric journey that you might get from this end of the black metal spectrum, it is truly a work of sonic art that transcends the tropes of any genre. It has masterful emotional portrayals, tales of mythic proportions and even important messages, on top of many riffs and melodies worth remembering. Even though the album is 57 minutes long, it feels closer to 45, as every second of it has something incredible to offer. It’s one of the best written, most potent, inspiring, well crafted and beautiful albums ever created. The album is a pure journey, and absolutely Quorthon’s true masterpiece."

- MC Guire,

Prologue - Twilight Of The Gods - Epilogue
Through Blood By Thunder
Blood And Iron
Under The Runes
To Enter Your Mountain
Bond Of Blood