BATHORY – Burnin' Leather Demos And Rare Tracks

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A1 Bathory Rider At The Gate Of Dawn
A2 Bathory Crawl To Your Cross
A3 Bathory Sacrifice
A4 Bathory You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)
A5 Bathory The Return Of Darkness And Evil
A6 Bathory Burnin' Leather
A7 Bathory Die In Fire
B1 Bathory Satan My Master
B2 Bathory Witchcraft
B3 Bathory Valhalla
B4 Bathory Cronos Attack
B5 Quorthon God Save The Queen
B6 Quorthon War Pigs
B7 Quorthon Ace Of Spades

Compilation of demo and rare tracks that despite saying 1983-1987, actually extends to 1989 at least. Track origins as follows:
A1 (Unreleased 1987)
A2 (Unreleased 1989)
A3 (Off 'Scandinavian Metal Attack' Comp 1984)
A4 (Demo 1983)
A5 (Off 'Scandinavian Metal Attack' Comp 1984)
A6 (Unreleased 1987)
A7 (Demo 1983)
B1 (Unreleased 1984)
B2 (Unreleased 1984)
B3 (Unreleased 1989)
B4 (Demo 1983)
B5 (Sex Pistols cover - unknown date)
B6 (Black Sabbath cover - unknown date)
B7 (Motörhead cover - unknown date)