BATHORY – Blood Fire Death

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"With a pleasant amount of melodic elements, Blood Fire Death (1988) can be summed up as an excellent thrash act with black and Viking metal as influences. In the 1980's extreme metal was still blossoming, and Bathory presented a refreshing style that continues to be good music today.

With songs ranging from three minutes in length, to over 10 minutes, Blood Fire Death offers a variety of creativity. While some songs sound crunched for time, as if not given the appropriate time to develop, the longer songs seem drawn out at segments. This works for and against them. In their trashy style and upbeat, charged energy, great satisfaction can be found, but too often the mood shifts to a more melodic and emotional passage. Perhaps this is truly the beginning of the Viking metal creations, where between the black metal world and the yet to be discovered Viking metal world, Blood Fire Death is that rare missing link..."

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Odens Ride Over Nordland 3:14
A Fine Day To Die 8:49
The Golden Walls Of Heaven 5:14
Pace 'Til Death 3:40
Holocaust 3:24
For All Those Who Died 4:55
Dies Irae 5:04
Blood Fire Death