AUTOPSY – Morbidity Triumphant

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"I’ll say upfront that this album sounds and feels like a nasty skin infection. It’s wet, greasy and absolutely sickening from start to finish. Autopsy may be long in the grave tooth, but few bands can inject as much raw repulsiveness into their music as these sickos can. From the first bars of opener “Stab the Brain” this thing oozes infectious viscera. It’s thrashing, bashing brute death but it’s oh so good and hilariously over-the-top. Founder Chris Reifert sounds as unhealthy and revolting as ever and possibly more so, letting loose an everflowing stream of grunts, roars, screams, and vomit noises as the riffs bend, shred and probe your carcass for entry points. It’s the archetype of caveman death but it’s done so enthusiastically that it feels like a whole new ballgame. The trademark crushing doom elements surface on “Final Frost,” borrowing pages from Saint Vitus and Hellhammer to season the ghastly crushitude of the riffs. It’s on “The Voracious One” that the band’s longtime penchant for doom segments shift into a stoner-esque form, and it actually works. There’s a joyous swagger to the fat riffs and a strong Sabbath vibe, which when paired with Reifert’s retching and caterwauling, makes for a surprisingly entertaining treat. This stoner flavor reappears on the ridiculously overdone “Flesh Strewn Temple” and to a lesser extent on “Skin By Skin.” It’s an interesting addition to their tool kit and well used.

Other high points include “Knife Slice Axe Chop” which is as dumb and fun as death can get and features wonderfully creepy doom breakdowns (watch the embedded video alone and prepare to feel regret), and “Maggots in the Mirror” which strives to be even dumber and more extreme with hilarious results. My personal favorite is “Slaughterer of  Souls” due to its nonstop intensity and rampaging assault on all that is decent. There are no weak tracks and the 41 minutes blast by in a pulpy spray of guts and bodily fluid. One could argue the songs can bleed together into a bloody abomination, and there’s some truth to that on the first spin or two. With repeat listens, however, the twisted kinks in each song crawl out to bite. The production is perfect for what Autopsy does, with a loose, sloppy sound that reeks of 1988. Reifert’s vocals are the focus but the guitars have plenty of space to destroy and they have a great retro tone loaded with weight and power."      - Steel Druhm,

Stab The Brain
Final Frost
The Voracious One
Born In Blood
Flesh Strewn Temple
Tapestry Of Scars
Knife Slice, Axe Chop
Skin By Skin
Maggots In The Mirror
Slaughterer Of Souls
Your Eyes Will Turn To Dust