AMEBIX – Redux 10"

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"On Redux, Amebix seems to draw from their Arise! era, letting the songs roll forward at a forceful but grinding pace, backed by Mayorga's almost tribal drums, albeit with a little bit sleeker production value. Of course, The Baron's voice is bound to be compared to Lemmy's growl. But, where Lemmy seems to perpetually have a wad of mucous and glass spinning in his throat, The Baron spits the bile out, letting his inflection twist and churn as it crawls into your ears. The piece that most benefits from the re-working is the re-recording of Monolith's "Chain Reaction." While the original was almost a speed metal headbanger, the new version rolls forward with a slower, heavier cadence, transforming it into a hypnotic chant, and with its snarled call-to-arms, it's almost a neo-pagan sermon on the mount."    - John Gentile,



Chain Reaction