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"The Power Remains the Same is the Amebix live album I’ve always wanted and thought I’d never get. I knew the recording must exist because I’ve seen very high quality live videos from this era, but it seems like something that was fated never to be. The first Amebix breakup seemed to be pretty rough, and the reunion breakup just as bad with the brothers seeming to be the most perpetually unable to get along amicably since Oasis. Plus there’s the unfortunate story of Rob’s recent trajectory. It was evident he was getting into some tinfoil hat territory about UFOs and whatnot in interviews for Tau Cross’s second album. Like seemingly most conspiracy theorists, he eventually landed on something offensive about Jewish people. This wound up causing the unraveling of the original “supergroup” lineup. Meanwhile Stig unwaveringly stuck to Amebix’s leftist principles, and said he wouldn’t touch the book that led Rob down the rabbit hole with a shitty stick. Maybe I’m just being naïve about how labels work, but I assumed this sort of schism would mean the end of any new Amebix material.

I’m not sure why or how this came out now, but God I’m glad it did. Amebix’s Redux EP was a rare example of a band rerecording old material actually being a good idea. Their new sound with keyboards and a broadened sonic pallet allowed for a rich reimagining of old classics. It was nice, for example, to see how well the song writing and riffcraft of “Winter” faired without the raw, bleak production of its original demo form. As good as the EP was, a full album of rerecordings would be pushing it. The live album idea was a perfect idea to continue this idea without looking like they were pillaging their legacy."

- Thumbman,


Studio Side
The Power Remains
Chain Reaction
Last Will And Testament
Live Side
Nobody's Driving
Fallen From Grace
Drink And Be Merry