ACCUSED - The Return of Martha Splatterhead

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"Thrash metal at its most insane. The band seriously sounds like the undead come to life - they're playing too fast to be human! The singer screams in the hysterical voice of a person about to murdered. And this weird reverb over everything makes it sound like they're playing in a tomb. The Accused indeed often sound like the undead come back to life to hunt you down, kill you -- and LAUGH about it. This is not morbid death metal to make you feel bad; it's moronically fast hyperspeed thrashcore designed to make you run around, bang your head and go "FUCK YEAH!!!!! SHOW NO MERCY!!!!!"

In a nutsac, if you don't own and cherish this album, you're a member of The Dave Clark Five."  -  review by MarkPrindleBot on AOTY

A1 Martha Splatterhead
A2 Wrong Side Of The Grave
A3 Take My Time
A4 Distractions
A5 Buried Alive
A6 Show No Mercy
A7 Slow Death
B1 Autopsy
B2 She's The Killer
B3 In A Death Bed
B4 Lonely Place
B5 Fuckin' 4 Bucks
B6 Martha's Revenge