ACCUSED - Nasty Cuts

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"Nasty Cuts" compiles tracks taken from 1990's "Grinning Like An Undertaker," a track from the 1990 "Straight Razor" EP and three tracks from 1992's "Splatter Rock," all from Seattle, WA's masters of crossover mania, The Accused.

1. Pounding Nails (Into The Lid Of Your Coffin)
2. Bullet-Ridden Bodies
3. The Corpse Walks
4. Grinning (Like An Undertaker)
5. Cut And Dried
6. Dropping Like Flies
7. M Is For Martha
8. When I Was A Child
9. The Night
10. Tapping The Vein
11. Blind Hate/Blind Rage
12. Stick In A Hole
13. She's Back
14. Brutality And Corruption