DICTATORS, THE – Bloodbrothers

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"The Dictators’ origins actually predate the Ramones by a year, and they probably deserve more credit for helping shape what became the punk sound. Their sound was actually not quite punk and would be more accurately lumped in with proto-punk bands like The Stooges and MC5 or the early glam punk bands like the New York Dolls. (They covered The Stooges’ standard “Search & Destroy” on their previous album.) They essentially played revved up rock and roll with a healthy sense of humor.

Bloodbrothers opened with the now classic rallying cry “Faster and Louder”, which featured an uncredited appearance by The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. The song seemed to acknowledge that the band knew that they were being outdone by younger, wilder groups. It was also a bold statement. It seemed to say that they wouldn’t back down to the new competition. With that out of the way, the band reverted to playing goofy songs about love and heartbreak. “Baby, Let’s Twist” was derivative, but also a ton of fun. “No Tomorrow” tapped into the hopelessness and nihilism of punk, even if the music wasn’t really very dark. “The Minnesota Strip” was one of the all time great songs about women of the night."  

- TomTrauma, punknews.org

Faster & Louder
Baby, Let's Twist
No Tomorrow
Minnesota Strip
Stay With Me
I Stand Tall
Borneo Jimmy
What It Is
Slow Death