GRIMPLE / LOGICAL NONSENSE – A Darker Shade of Grey - split LP

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"Reissue of the GRIMPLE and LOGICAL NONSENSE ’94 split; classic hardcore bands formed in New Mexico that stand up considerably today. GRIMPLE’s sound is so incredibly tight on this recording, there is a bit of metal and a lot of BORN AGAINST. The vocals that Greg Valencia brings and the effect of the production are incredible and bring back years gone by. “Infierno,” “System Fukers,” and “Forever Fuked” are highlights. LOGICAL NONSENSE brings a heavy set of rapid-fire grindcore to the B-side. All are drilling, guttural assaults in the best of all ways. The split ends with a killer WENDY-O MATIK spoken piece. Both bands are almost outdoing each other throughout, very killer stuff."

- Johnny Leach, MRR

Grimple – Layed Back
Grimple – Infierno
Grimple – P.C.
Grimple – Darker Shade Of Grey
Grimple – Crucified
Grimple – System Fukers
Grimple – Forever Fuked
Grimple – Dethroned Emperor
Grimple – No Return
Logical Nonsense – Legion
Logical Nonsense – Razed
Logical Nonsense – A Reigning
Logical Nonsense – Before The Act
Logical Nonsense – The Crushing
Logical Nonsense – Pigs Blood Blues
Logical Nonsense – Spoken Word