DEATHGRAVE - It's Only Midnight

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"DEATHGRAVE is not just another grindcore band. For the past 10 years, this rabble of West Coast veterans has been taking elements of death metal, grind, noise and hardcore punk to concoct the bile they spew forth – and it turns out they’ve gotten pretty bloody good at it if their new sophomore album It’s Only Midnight is anything to go by...
As an album, It’s Only Midnight is fantastic: the songs each throw different splashes of colour at a rancid canvas but remain cohesive and true to DEATHGRAVE’s MO. But it’s the individual performances that really elevate this release. Each member states their case to be crowned MVP and they each deserve it at different points, whether it’s Zane for his ability to keep everyone in check with a deluge of polyrhythms and blast beats; Alberts for shaking the core of the planet with his rumbling bass; Wilkinson for his ingenious guitar work that makes this album impossible to pin to any one genre; or Cornejo for one of the year’s most elastic and commanding vocal performances in extreme metal."

- Jack Butler-Terry, Distorted Sounds

Ant Baby
On All Fours
Tony's Deli
Sewer Runs Through Her
The Resigned
Rats Are Back
Slurring Sermons
Your Rulers Are Here
Sniff, Scratch, Peel, Snack
Lonely Streets
Atomic Narcotic Withdrawal