DEATH ANGEL – The Bastard Tracks

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"It turns out that Mark Osegueda does a pretty good impression of Ronnie James Dio. Tucked away at the end of this album, DEATH ANGEL cover BLACK SABBATH’s Falling Off The Edge Of The World and it’s great. It’s a loving tribute to their heroes, played with obvious enthusiasm, and the singer does a terrific job handling the high notes. They sound like they’re having a blast and it’s easily the highlight of a record best described as “entertaining but inconsequential.”

The Bastard Tracks is theoretically a live album, but it’s an odd one. It’s a document of a streaming event they held in May 2021. Originating from San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, the veteran thrashers performed for just over an hour and the set was almost entirely devoid of the usual favourites. Seemingly Endless Time, Thrown To The Wolves and their ilk were left out, replaced with tracks that had either never been played, or left off the setlists for years."  

- Tim Bolitho-Jones, Distorted Sound

Lord Of Hate 4:25
Where They Lay 4:43
Why You Do This 5:44
Fallen 4:47
Absence Of Light 4:34
The Organization 4:31
Execution / Don’t Save Me 4:50
Succubus 4:36
It Can’t Be This 4:32
Let The Pieces Fall 6:00
Faded Remains 4:29
Volcanic 3:41
Falling Off The Edge Of The World 3:36
Guilty Of Innocence 4:43
Alive And Screaming 3:50
Bastard Tracks Commentary
Block 1 Commentary
Lord Of Hate
Where They Lay
Why You Do This
Block 2 Commentary
Absence Of Light
The Organization
Block 3 Commentary
Execution / Don't Save Me
Block 4 Commentary
It Can't Be This
Let The Pieces Fall
Faded Remains Commentary
Faded Remains
Volcanic Commentary
Block 6 Commentary
Guilty Of Innocence
Alive And Screaming