DEAD KENNEDYS ‎– Plastic Surgery Disasters

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"The DKs are the only group around whose new releases I approach with the same expectation, apprehension, and critical ear that I did for each new STONES record 16 years ago. You just know a lot of thought, work, and possible innovation will be invested in the grooves. Whether a self-appointed or media-chosen representative of “punk,” Biafra must be carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders. As for the record, side one is more like their live selves and more like their earlier recordings. No real let-down, though there are no immediate “classics,” either. Side two contains longer, more dramatic, and varied pieces that, while bravely breaking the norm, can be very trying. I’ll try more later. Meanwhile, the DKs keep subverting middle America. Keep it up."

- Tim Yohannan, MRR

Government Flu
Terminal Preppie
Trust Your Mechanic
Well Paid Scientist
Forest Fire
Winnebago Warrior
Bleed For Me
I Am The Owl
Dead End
Moon Over Marin