CONVENIENCE – Stop Pretending 7"

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"Here’s a new hardcore band featuring old hardcore peeps: members of No Statik and Iron Lung ripping through seven tracks of ugly American hardcore-punk. I love that the members of Convenience have clearly played countless hours of hardcore music in their lives, and decided to get together with each other to do what? Play it some more! Across these tunes, No Comment and Capitalist Casualties come to mind, as well as early MDC (if they were a little heavier) and Cold Sweat (if they were less chaotic). Those are all reliable bastions of hardcore, and Convenience does it right too, mixing in fast-core pummels and thorny mosh parts to ensure the listener’s full attention is paid. My favorite is probably “Adult Contemporary”, for both the white-collar evisceration and the breathless vocal repetition that concludes it. As long as there are thoughtless, selfish jerks out wandering around and making life harder for everyone else, there will be pissed-off hardcore-punk bands taking them to task for it."


A1 Stop Pretending 1:18
A2 Cash Crop 1:14
A3 Dog Groomer 0:57
A4 Adult Contemporary 1:31
B1 Press The # Key 1:28
B2 Doors Are Closing 1:19
B3 Invisible 2:12