CONDEMNED TO DEATH – Diary Of A Love Monster

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"C2D are mostly down to a three-piece (new singer only takes part on a couple of numbers), but still scorching out those banzai power chords. This LP sheers away the flesh with metallic HC, fast with effective grinds, raw thumping rhythms, and whining with blood thirsty guitar leads. If you craved more of their EP, quench yourself on this 12-song gem. And where do they get those song titles??—”Hair Spray Randy,” “Bang Your Maiden Head,” and “Lost Tweekend,” to name a few."

- Pushead, MRR

Lost Tweekend
The Assassin
Stoned To Death
Night Of The Succubus
Deformed Blood Ghouls
What's In The Basement
Love Monster
Hair Spray Randy
Parricide Baby
Blood River
Bang Your Maiden Head