CONDEMNED TO DEATH – 1983 EP and Demo Sessions

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Condemned To Death is a San Francisco band that is little known and somewhat forgotten in the annals of Bay Area punk rock history.  Hopefully this compilation LP will rectify this gross miscarriage.  One of the foremost "Vats" band that came out the scene that was contained in the old closed down Hamms beer factory that was later repurposed into a practice pad/living space (and inhabited by luminaries such as MDC and the Dicks), Condemned to Death were an integral part of that scene which included other Vat bands like the Sluglords and Born to Kill.  Fronted by Portland transplant Eddie (formerly the singer of Portland's early punk band ICE 9), C2D brought its own brand of politcally charged punk to the scene with an EP on MDC's label R Radical Records.  However Eddie left the band to replaced by Scottay (who would later join Verbal Abuse as their new vocalist).  This new incarnation of the band changed its lyrical themes to a more horror inspired themes.  

This great compilation LP includes all their early tracks including their demo cassette with some earlier version of songs that would appear in altered forms on their "Diary of a Love Monster" album featuring the 2nd lineup of the band.  I would say that this is mandatory listening for any fans of Bay Area punk and HC!

Gartland's Pit
Aggressive Systems
Pain In Mind
Dismember Me
Media Control
Beach Creep
Boys In The White Truck
Stop Fucking With My Head
Afraid To Die
What's God
Time Is Running Out
Beach Creep