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REISSUED ON 12-INCH VINYL WITH TWO BONUS TRACKS!!! The year was 2012 and COBRA SKULLS had just spent the better part of the past two years on the road in support of their latest full-length Agitations. Amidst all the chaos they continued to write new material. The band couldn’t contain their excitement about a few of their newly penned tracks, so instead of holding onto them until it was time to make another full-length they decided to strike while the iron was hot and dipped into the studio to record them. The three songs that resulted make up the 7” Eagle Eyes. The songs flash that energetic punk style that Cobra Skulls originated with, while still maintaining their genre defying sound. “Eagle Eyes” is a flat out hit. What nobody knew back then, there were two more tracks from the recording that didn’t make the record! 10 years later, we decided it is due time we release the entire Eagle Eyes recording as it was originally intended. Cobra Skulls fans will be clamoring to get their hands on this complete version of the acclaimed Eagle Eyes EP.