AFI – The Art Of Drowning

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"The rowdy punk attitude is still represented on tracks like The Lost Souls, Sacrifice Theory, Smile and A Story at Three. These healthy chunks of fury and melody complement AFI’s earlier works showcasing each member’s definitive style. Lead singer Davey Havok’s desperate shrills backed up by huge gang vocals; Jade Puget’s roaring guitars; Hunter Bergan’s psychobilly-esque bass and Adam Carson’s crashing drums combine to forge quintessential AFI anthems.

Davey Havok remains one of the most important punk figures of recent times. Even early on in AFI’s career he stood out for his shadowy appearance and effeminate mannerisms. On The Art of Drowning, Havok reveals a greater depth to his vocal performances by displaying various levels of emotion. The slow and brooding Ever And A Day is the first notable step away from the usual aggressive hardcore of previous AFI records. Havok delivers the vocals so softly that it almost feels as though he’s next to you, whispering in your ear. It’s the same style of singing that kicks off 6 To 8 and Morningstar, prime examples of AFI’s leaning towards more dynamic alternative rock song writing."

- Louuder

The Lost Souls
The Nephilim
Ever And A Day
Sacrifice Theory
Of Greetings And Goodbyes
A Story At Three
Days Of The Phoenix
Catch A Hot One
6 To 8
The Despair Factor