Thrillhouse Movie Nite February 18th 7PM

Come down to Thrillhouse on Thursday, Feb. 18th for a movie nite of “atomic” proportions! First up is the animated version of Keiji Nakazawa’s epic semi-autobiographical manga “Hadashi no Gen” which tells the story of 6 year old Gen and his family who become victims of the atomic bombing of HIroshima. Released in 1983, this movie is definitely not for children. The 2nd feature, Threads, is a BBC made-for-TV film shown in 1984 that shocked and horrified British TV viewers on its release. Incredibly realistic and sometimes even gruelling and downright horrifying, Threads delivers the goods much more so than the tame

U.S. made-for-TV drama, “The Day After” which was shown around the same time.

February 18th, 7 PM FREE.