This Weeks New Releases – Sept 22nd


We have lots of awesome new releases that arrived this week.  Too many to list them all, but here are several that we’re real excited about:


Wolves In The Throne Room re-imagined black metal as an ode to rain storms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest. Their first studio album, Diadem Of 12 Stars (2006), was a genre-dissolving classic that created a melancholy and psychedelic Cascadian atmosphere. Since that time they have become one of the most potent and highly regarded bands in extreme music. The listener encounters crystalline metal riffs that slowly collapse and shift into ritualistic laments, singing of endless rain falling upon ancient cedars. Their music is a doorway into a mythic ethereal heathen landscape entered through music, magic and dreams. Now, a portal into the dreamworld of the band opens again with Thrice Woven. It is a glorious return to the blazing and furious black metal that they alone can create!


CONDITION – Subjugated Fate 7″ (with download)
CONDITION is back with a masterful stroke of devastation to follow up 2015’s Actual Hell. They say some things get better with age and in this case we couldn’t agree more. Subjugated Fate is an exploded blister on the rotten skin of humanity. And like that jingle that won’t stop playing in your head, a festering sore in the aural canal. Still big, still vicious and always pure American D-Beat. Accept nothing less.  300 copies on radiation yellow vinyl with hand stamped labels housed in Jaybo art on a textured folder sleeve. Recorded in Lost Angeles by Mike Kriebel. Punk.  (Iron Lung Records #97)


NEANDERTHAL – A History of Violence LP (one sided with etching)
The long lost Neanderthal discography finally emerges from it’s cave to see the light of day.  Eight anthems of destruction (5 tracks from the 1990 “Fighting Music” 7” on Slap A Ham, 2 tracks from the 1990 Neanderthal/Rorschach split 7” on Vermiform, and one track from the 1991 “Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!” compilation 7” on Slap A Ham). Without Neanderthal there would be not Powerviolence.  Nanderthal was Eric Wood (Man Is the Bastardand/Cross Out) and Matt Domino (Infest).  A must have for anyone interested in Infest, Man Is The Bastard, Charred Remains, Weekend Nachos, or Lack of Interest.  This is a discography of all released recordings.  One sided with Neanderthal etching on B side.  Let the games begin!  (Deep Six Records #220)


MR WRONG – Babes In Boyland LP
Guitarist Moff and Drummer Ursula started Mr. Wrong in a spider filled basement in 2015, inspired by femme punk & post-punk bands from the 70’s and 80’s, and the desire to learn their instruments. Many mix tapes and late-night-listening’s later, many of which can be attributed to the discovery of blogs like Gunilla and T.V. Dinner,  Mr. Wrong found their raw, confrontational sound. They met their bassist-to-be, Leona, at their first show (a rowdy house-show at their place of origin, Spider Vein) January 2016. Mr. Wrong continued as a 2-piece for about 9 months until realizing that Leona’s bass stylings were the missing ingredient in their witches brew. At this point, Moff and Ursula had reached a new level of proficiency due to their dedicated practice schedule and tendency to never-say-never to a show. They recorded their Demo, Distraction, on local friends’ cassette label, Cosmonaut Music, which captured the raw energy of their early songs (a blur of fierce 2-minute rants about jobs, witches, shitty dues, and gentrification) in the Spring of 2016. The addition of bass that Fall opened a door to the post-punk portion of Mr. Wrong’s early inspiration, resulting in a wave of new song-writing which relied more heavily on complex rhythms. BABES IN BOYLAND  was recorded winter of 2017 at Red Lantern Studios. At the time, they didn’t know what those recordings would turn into, they just knew they had to happen. Synchronicity struck at the recording space, leading to the release of their full-length record on Water Wing. 300 copies pressed! Letterpressed covers by Stumptown Printers.  (Water Wing Records #23)


ABSOLUTION – Juxtaposition 7”
2017 release of two songs off their 1989 demo with 1 song never released & one re-recorded classic from the New Breed tape compilation.  Featuring original members:  Djinji Brown, Gavin Van Vlack (BURN) & Andy Guida (SUPERTOUCH), Dan Cav (RESSURECTION). All songs recorded by Andy Guida at Six III studios.  1st pressing of 500 copies on Wardance Records.  (Wardance Records #19)


DUDS – Of A Nature Or Degree LP

“When I was first told about Duds, it came with the considered opinion that the guys were far from what you’d call ‘careerists’. ‘They don’t take themselves too seriously’ was another comment. I could have taken this as a warning that they weren’t in it for the right reasons—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From my perspective Duds simply won’t bend over backwards to ‘get on’. They do what they do and you can take it or leave it. I took it—with both hands…with a vice-like grip. They have the invention and urgency of Edinburgh legends The Fire Engines. The Post-Punk ethic. Short songs, short sets = short album. “They’re one of the most thrilling bands I’ve seen in years—and the fact that they’re releasing this brilliant piece of work on the Castle Face label adds the last piece of a perfect ‘outsider’ jigsaw puzzle. Duds sitting alongside Oh Sees, Ty Segall, White Fence, Useless Eaters, et al. There is a god!” —Marc Riley, June 2017


FLATLINERS – Great Awake Demos 7”

Fat Wreck Chords discovered THE FLATLINERS way back in 2006 when they were 4 young (very young) kids, cutting their teeth as a ska-punk band in the Toronto scene. The band worked tirelessly, writing and recording their highly regarded Fat Wreck Chords debut album, The Great Awake, in 2007. Three albums and over a decade later, the band managed to dig up a handful of demo versions of songs from The Great Awake. The result is three tracks that comprise the 5th installment of the “Original Demos” Fat series. The Great Awake Demos gives fans a sneak peek at these familiar songs at their inception.