This Weeks New Releases – Sept 14th


We have lots of awesome new releases that arrived in the last week or two.  Too many to list them all, but here are several that we’re real excited about:



Two superb examples of current West Coast indie-pop fuzzers, both TERRY MALTS and KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE regularly release quality and classy releases on Oakland based Slumberland Records. Emotional Response loves both bands so much we snuck in and hijacked these four perfect pop belters when Slumberland were snoozing! Terry Malts from LA, offer an updated take on Buzzcock-esque snappy pop brilliance, and Kids On A Crime Spree also dazzle with two fuzz-bass heavy Phil Spector-y dark reverb drenched stunners. The 10inch sleeve art is a wonderful parody of Black Flag’s My War


BARCELONA – Un Ultimo Ultrasonido Nacio Y Murio En Barcelona LP
“Un Ultimo Ultrasonido Nacio Y Murio En Barcelona” is BARCELONA’s sophomore 12” of pure sonic nihilism.. A band of highs and lows: High concept in performance and lowbrow in execution. In my eyes, BARCELONA is simply a genius project, capable of creating their own universe then vomiting all over it. Their formula is distortion to the max, total free-ness and improvisation, with regurgitated bass lines and repetitive primitive beats, topped with the sharpest and nastiest lyrics on observations of our own futility and misery. In their universe, you can find HERMANN NITSCH and the entire catalogue of ESP DISKS hanging out with MANOLO KABEZABOLO and ESKORBUTO. Probably without them even being aware of it. All of the above is what you’ll find in the 13 songs on this disturbing record that comes wrapped in artwork by the last true artist on earth Oriol Roca. Comes with download code.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #138)


BURN – Do Or Die LP/CD
“Do Or Die” is the highly anticipated new album from Burn. The album was engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at GodCity Studio and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Slayer, Public Enemy, Sonic Youth). An invigorating modernization and continuation down the path these visionaries forged alone two decades earlier. Vinyl version includes digital download.  (Deathwish Records #198)


DAGGER – Writhing In The Light of the Moon 7″
Six sonic blasts that harken back to the days when there was no hardcore that wasn’t punk first and the players could actually play. Where whip-smart hooks at speed were as necessary as brute power when it came to matching bark with bite. A glass ceiling that hasn’t felt but a fingerprint in the accelerated nuance-void, but DAGGER make a great showing. When you factor in CONEHEADS and LIQUIDS members, the success makes clear sense.  (Lengua Armada #86)


RIXE – Collection LP
Collection neatly compiles RIXE’s first 3 Eps on one album. All 12 cuts have been remastered for maximum volume. Rixe appeared from nowhere and went from strength to strength over the two years since the Debut EP Coup Et Blessures was released in February 2015. The EP was their calling card and harked back to the glory years of Bologna’s finest Nabat mixed with the classic 80’s French Oi! sound. It was instant and loved by all and went on to have six pressings. A year later came Les Nerf A Vif – another four tracker with extra bite and bile. Every track was perfectly recorded and produced. Lean with snarl and each track a nugget of anthemic Oi!. On third EP Bapteme Du Feu there was no let up in quality. Precision Oi! with a pop element that’s built to be loved now and in 20 years. Joined together the 3 EPs make a perfect album and proof that why RIxe are Oi! royalty in 2017.  Comes with A2 poster by Matt Bellossi and artwork by Nicky Rat.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #155)


WORLD BURNS TO DEATH – Here A Dream Dies Every Day LP
Fourth LP from World Burns To Death.  Eight songs.  A limited edition collection of rarities and Japanese tour editions that defined the later evolution of the band’s sound.  Mastered by ENORMOUS DOOR for full impact, with powerful new artwork. 150 gram vinyl.  (Analogue Violence Records #1)


JOEY CAPE – One Week Record LP

JOEY CAPE is a busy guy. He is the singer, songwriter, and founder of both LAGWAGON and BAD ASTRONAUT. He is the revered axe-man for everybody’s favorite punk rock supergroup ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES. He runs a record label out of his home studio called One Week Records. In addition to his already vast resume, over the last decade plus, he has established himself as a recognized solo artist. Anybody familiar with Joey’s work is well-aware of his acute ability to craft a great punk song. But his diverse musical abilities are further authenticated with the addition of his many solo and acoustic collaborative albums. Lagwagon fans are certainly familiar with the highly acclaimed Acoustic Vol. 1 and Acoustic Vol. 2, which features Joey Cape and Tony Sly putting their acoustic stylings to classic Lagwagon and No Use For A Name songs. With Cape’s latest solo album, he has taken that same approach, and traded out the distortion pedals for an acoustic guitar, and the result is something that any fan of his work will appreciate. One Week Record (Covers) contains nine Lagwagon, and one Bad Astronaut track, that could have just as easily appeared on any of Joey’s solo albums. His deep musical craftmanship is evident as he takes classic Lagwagon hits and gives them a softer, more melodic feel, showing that each track could easily fit into any genre. One Week Record provides a retrospective for old and new Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut fans alike.