This Week’s New Releases – Oct 27th


We got a ton of new releases that arrived this week.  Here’s a few we’re really excited about:


GSP – Self Titled LP

gSp is TOBI VAIL, MARISSA MAGIC and LAYLA GIBBON. Like Y-Pants playing Flipper songs, or vice-versa, gSp are a terrifying skate crew, the coolest girl gang, an invective against the horrors of talking heads and late capitalism, a brief respite from our modern condition of total boredom. Twin guitar attack and chanted gang vocals backed by one of the most important and iconic drummers in punk, period. Members of BIKINI KILL, SKINNED TEEN, MOZART, STILLSUIT, SPIDER AND THE WEBS, THE FRUMPIES, PETTY CRIME, SUNDAY DRIVERS, and far too many more to mention. 700 copies on black vinyl, recorded live to tape at High Command by Captain TRIPPS BALLSINGTON in beautiful Olympia, Washington.


THE WORLD – First World Record LP

Debut LP from this prized Bay Area act. Cool, grooving, hot wet saxed punk. Love those bongos. No modern day DIY band has made my blood skank like this. A wiggly record, you’re dancing.


ACRYLICS – Structure 7″

The newest offering from Santa Rosa’s finest art bangers. They’ve added so much to their already incredible sound with this single and it will act as just a taste of what’s to come on the LP in 2018. “Structure” is a bit more on the pogo side complimented nicely with sharp echo stabs and a ruinous atmosphere. “Gluttony” brings us back to that toss-and-turn-in-a-dark-alley kind of crunchy freak junk that the teens mangle themselves to. Our favorite blend of ugly and appealing. A limited release for unlimited punks.


BLACK WITCHERY – Desecration of the Holy Kingdom LP
After years of being out of print, the long-overdue repress of their infamous first and arguably best album is now available. Black Witchery represented a return to the strength and ferocity of form that was being forgotten in underground metal of the early 2000s, and with “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom,” Black Witchery ushered in a new era of Satanic Black Metal. Over 16 years after its release, the import and power of Black Witchery’s debut LP has not subsided at all. For fans of Blasphemy, Conqueror, Revenge, and Sarcofago take note.  (Nuclear War Now #8)

EEL – Night Parade Of 100 Demons LP
Polish Hell, Pittsburgh’s EEL have once again crawled out of a dimly lit basement a few blocks from Gooski’s to offer up their most forceful effort yet. “NIGHT PARADE OF 100 DEMONS” is the culmination of a band spending half of a decade perfecting their particular interpretation of the microcosm that is punk. The end result is eleven tracks of violent and destructive commotion that seems to mirror the world that surrounds us. Once again, these freaks of nature achieve their prime objective – bombarding the listener with a relentless barrage of their rust belt style noise drenched hardcore punk. This is an aural assault that will not be soon forgotten. Each record features stunning black and white cover art by the legendary Japanese hardcore artist Kazuhiro Imai accompanied by a stellar piece on the reverse by Luke Kislak. (Beach Impediment #29)

THE EULOGY – Last Days 7”
“Last Days” is the latest offering from Southern California’s The Eulogy. Comprised of scene veteran Matt Henderson (Madball, Agnostic Front) along with former members of Mouthpiece, Eye For An Eye, Straight Faced and more, The Eulogy churns out five new, visceral hardcore anthems recorded by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios for their Bridge Nine debut. For fans of Madball, Agnostic Front and Mouthpiece. 7″ includes digital download.  (Bridge Nine Records #248)


EXPANDER – Endless Computer LP
Hailing from Austin, Texas, Expander plays a style of thrash metal that also draws notable influence from the hardcore punk domain, Expander has carved its own niche in the metal world due in part to its exploration of atypical themes such as advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and mechanization.  (Nuclear War Now #352)


FOX FACE – Spoil and Destroy LP

Witchy, twitchy and full of attitude, Fox Face is a fog-swirling, moonlit night where nothing is as it seems. Realized and reckless, this eerie musical force would be as much at ease holding a seance on a stormy, nighttime beach as throwing a rager in a dark, beer-soaked basement bar. On the tongue-in-cheek Spoil + Destroy, the band’s first record for Dirtnap, the band alternates between Sabbath-y searing guitars, surf-rock and creeped-out, organ-laced sonic seances. Recorded by Kyle “Motor” Urban at MotorCo Studio in Madison, WI, using an all-analog 16-track recorder, the attitude hangs hard on the vocals of everyone throughout, echoing the spirit of Kathleen Hanna and Neighborhood Brats’ Jenny Angelillo. Lindsay DeGroot (lead guitarist and vocalist) leads this storm of sound, with bandmates Lydia Washechek (guitar, vocals), Mary Joy (bass, vocals) and Christopher Capelle (drums). DeGroot’s explicitly feminist lyrics are undeniably bolstered by no-bullshit politics and inspired by The Book Of The Dead and The Craft. Spaghetti Western styles intermingle with punk & roll and goth, making for a bubbling pot of riled-up, creeptastic tales, where the environs are trepidatious, dark and frustrating.


GEN POP – Self Titled 7″

This one’s hard to pin. Some songs are urgent with hot pogo but then the switch gets flipped and you’re dangling, spiraling, marching. Undeniably punk. What if WIRE wore boots? An absolute Bung of an EP.


GOTOBEDS – Definitely Not a Redd 7″

Hot off the heels of their second full length on Sub Pop and a singles collection on Comedy Minus One, Pittsburgh’s The Gotobeds do a verbatim song-by-song remake of Redd Kross’s infamous debut EP. Although originally released as a 12-inch in a disco jacket, this version is handily redone as a 7-inch. The band has performed this EP quite often, and even a couple times with Chunklet’s owner on vocals. Limited (as to avoid potential legal headaches), it’s further affirmation of what an exceptional band The Gotobeds have become.  There will be a grand total of one release show in Pittsburgh in December along with Chunklet labelmates Honey Radar from Philadelphia and Henry Owings doing selections from his debut single “Micro-Impressions Vol. 1”.  Edition of 200.


LES LULLIES – Don’t Look Twice 7″

Slovenly Recordings proudly presents a new four track blast from cheese eating attack monkeys LES LULLIES! The Don’t Look Twice EP is a hyperactive freak scene all its own—eyeball rattling punk for the dungeon is what’s happening here, with each song a hit: Short. Fast. Loud. Deadly. And in spite of the lack of a notion of ’60s anything in the grooves, our fried French friends still manage to squeeze in an homage to a living legend in “Don Craine”—founder of UK rhythm ‘n’ beat heroes The Downliners Sect, inspiration to Billy Childish, regular Ugly Things Magazine contributor, and Bo Diddley worshipper. This ain’t rocket science, mon frere, it is rock’n’roll, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


OBNOX – Murder Radio LP

After a mind-boggling seven LPs and nine EPs in six years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you could safely ignore OBNOX’s newest full-length opus Murder Radio. You’d be wrong. Dead wrong. Coming hot on the heels of 2017’s other ‘Nox platter (Niggative Approach courtesy of 12XU), Murder Radio is another deep dive into the humid underground lair that Obnox (aka LAMONT “BIM” THOMAS) calls home. Along with the usual stacked roster of utility players, Thomas is joined on Murder Radio by steady new drummer STEVE MEHLMAN (PERE UBU) and the divebombing, corkscrewing guitar of CHUCK CIESLIK. Murder Radio finds Obnox pressing their foot down on the metaphorical gas pedal for another trip around the turntable.  While kaleidoscopic cuts like “Movimiento” and “The Movement” are an attempt to combine curb-level justice with radical politics, “Woe Is Me” finds Thomas gifting doubters and naysayers a kiss-off to hum to themselves as he leaves them in the dust. “I Hate Everything” is yet another stellar example of Thomas’ by-nowpatented soaring psych-rock gems while “Enter The Hater” focuses the fuzz into a punk attack. Side-closer “Bangaar” comes riding in on a classic hip-hop clip and sounds like a perfect combo of Eric B & Rakim, The Beastie Boys and Stereolab. It wouldn’t be an Obnox record without an ode to the Great Green God in the Ground and Murder Radio doesn’t disappoint—Side Two opener “Sun Doobie” will stone you until you become a believer. “Deep” is exactly that, so strap on your miner’s helmet and your finest spelunking gear . “Boy, you’re in deep…” Thomas drawls thru the smoke. Is that the bong or is the gas leaking? Whatever—you can get high off the kind of ‘noxious fumes belched forth from sizzling stacks of Murder Radio wax. “Mogul Chokehold” comes correct with another strangely addicting brew of pummeling rhythms and endlessly phased and stacked guitar licks. If this is the new psychedelia, then maybe the streets finally have a chance. Final cut “Cheers” isn’t an ode to that place where everyone knows your name, but it is a syrup-thick groove bomb full of weapons-grade guitar-squall perfect for smashing glasses together. Fans of Puffy Areolas (a group Thomas thumped tubs for) will rejoice. The rest of you will be happy as a pig in shit. Obnox is inclusive like that. !


PROTO IDIOT – Leisure Opportunity LP

Welcome to the rock’n’roll manifestation of Eddie Murphy’s 1987 Raw concert. If you haven’t seen it or listened to it lately, it’s a remarkable, rapid-fire onslaught of hilarity that rages with new ideas and jokes that you hadn’t heard before at every turn, and Eddie never misses a beat. Enter Leisure Opportunity by PROTO IDIOT—né ANDREW ANDERSON, also of Manchester’s THE HIPSHAKES, and his pals CALLUM DARLEY (drums) and MICHAEL SEAL (bass). “If you like that, then you’ll love this” is the maniacal chant on “I’m An Artist.” Hear it enough and you’ll believe it! The Eddie Murphy parallels shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, but if it seems a bit obtuse, think Ray Davies with Attention Deficit Disorder. Better? Either way, Leisure Opportunity is no comedy album, per se, but it’s riddled with humor on both the musical and lyrical fronts.


RAKTA – Oculto Pelos Seres 7″

Howling winds over the barren sands sting your eyes just enough to make you question wether or not you did actually see what you think you saw. A shrouded figure casting shadows on memories of the future? A malformed Chris Marker statue sandblasted to obscurity? A beautifully melted humanity? Oculto Pelos Seres is all of those and more. By now RAKTA’s signature brand of punk fueled, goth tinged, seemingly structureless yet extremely taut soundscapes should be familiar to you and if it isn’t then this is a great place to start. Edition of 350 copies on black vinyl housed in a textured glue pocket sleeve with a vellum lyric sheet and stickers bag. Art by CHIHIRO YOSHIKAWA.


RC BOYS – Rad Conspiracy 7″

After 37 years perhaps Sacramento California’s first hardcore band, the RC BOYS, are releasing their first record! Recorded on their home turf, Sacramento’s suburb of Rancho Cordova, on a portable tape recorder that they just happened to bring along one night, this tape went undiscovered for over 30-plus years. For fans of early punk/hardcore in America, especially what was going on in California, this is a little piece of the puzzle. Drummer PAT STRATFORD would go on to front two of the best Sacramento bands ever: THE SQUARE COOLS and TALES OF TERROR. So, if you love them, check this record out. They played shows at Chinese food restaurants serving minors and abandoned chicken coops with other early Northern California hardcore/punk bands like Rebel Truth, Mod Philo and 7 Seconds. Sacramento Records tried their best to preserve the authentic distressed “early hardcore aesthetic” by printing the cover and inserts on an old analog copy machine. The record comes with an amazing 10” by 17” collage of live pictures of the band plus an extensive interview with the band’s surviving members detailing teen-punks-coming-of-age, their random misadventures and predictable demise. This record was a labor of love and hopefully the first of many more archival releases documenting Sacramento’s rich music history. Three songs pressed on green vinyl with a limited run of 300 records.


SUBURBAN HOMES – Unemployed 7″

After a brief hiatus PAULMESSIS is back with a follow up to last year’s highly regarded 12″ on Total Punk. In case you were wondering if the Crawley native had a change of disposition during his downtime the one two punch of ‘Unemployed’ b/w ‘Anxiety Attack’ should put to rest any such ideas. On the new single we find Messis at his most introspective and ‘Anxiety Attack’ is easily his punkest track to date. Still working within the UKDIY framework of his previous work but with a much more focused attack. I don’t wish misery upon anyone but no one makes it sound better than The Suburban Homes. 100% TOTAL PUNK!



A ballsy record outta Cleveland. Driving upbeat charm of The Ramones backed with the vile grit of Amdi Petersons Arme. Plenty of half stepping all over the fretboard. The whole rhythm section on this album makes me shake my head, unbelievable. Lives up to the legacy of their city.


U-NIX – Self Titled 7″

This EP is on FIRE. Psycho hardcore with some of the nastiest vocals/lyrics around, they remind me of the first h100s EP, no need to say any more.


COMP – Lasst Die Alten Sterben LP

The soundtrack to Juri Steinhart’s Swiss indie film Lasst Die Alten Sterben (Let The Old People Die) featuring classic Swiss punk tracks from NASAL BOYS, BASTARDS, SPERMA, TNT, THE SQUIRT, SIDA, DIETER MEIER & FRESH COLOR, VORWARTS, FLURIN GIGER, and others Compiled by Swiss punk expert LURKER GRAND (author of Hot Love # 1). Housed in gatefold jackets with large poster and 16-page fanzine (English). Limited to 100 copies for North America.