This Weeks New Releases – Nov 17th


We got in a ton of New Releases this week.  Here’s a few we’re super excited about:


Another hurricane-like compendium of all the music your parents hate! Yes, that means another new issue of “Short Fast & Loud” is coming at you full bore! Our awesome 30th issue contains an in depth interview with Italian hardcore legends Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, early noise grinders Noise and Massachusetts upstarts Hardware!! This issue also comes with a maniacal split 7” between Deathgrave (Bay Area grind violence power house) and Violation Wound (fierce, uber-pissed Bay Are hardcore punk, written and conceived by Chris Reifert of Autopsy). Plus all the reviews and column you’ve come to expect from our legion of high speed thrash criminals. (Short, Fast & Loud #30)


MORRISSEY – Low In High School LP

Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release, the eleventh solo studio album from the former Smiths frontman. Low In High School is Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and his debut for BMG. The album was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record was produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few). Morrissey’s talent for combining political statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever On LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL, capturing the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world. Rising to prominence as frontman of The Smiths, Morrissey went on to forge an even more successful career as a solo artist, with all 10 of his solo efforts landing in the Top 10 on the UK album charts, including three entries at the #1 position.



Bay Area veteran ANDY HUMAN has been a mainstay in the DIY punk community over the past few years. An accomplished and extremely productive musician, Andy Human has sharpened his pop-chops as a member of critically acclaimed bands such as THE WORLD, RAZZ, BEATNIKS, THE CUTZ, THE TIME FLYS and LENZ. THE REPTOIDS provide Andy the space to excel within a KBD-punk framework, with his vibrant take on R’n’R, (with a little bit of weird thrown in to keep you on your toes). Recent Andy Human and the Reptoids singles have appeared, (this year), on the acclaimed punk labels Goodbye Boozy and Total Punk. Emotional Response is excited and proud to release this dazzling 7-inch. Reverse board print, limited 500 with download and postcard.


NOTS – Anxious Trend 7″

The unrelenting Age of Anxiety that surrounds us all on both a personal and political level influenced the newest NOTS 7” “Anxious Trend / In Glass”. It’s a rhythmic mess punctuated by lyrics dealing with turmoil and shock as the new normal. Both songs were recorded with ANDREW MCCALLA straight to tape in a top secret Memphis haunt late July 2017.


BAD DADDIES – Over 30 Singles LP

A 30-song career spanning compilation from this long-running female fronted Bay Area punk band. BAD DADDIES (aka B.D.), run the gamut from hard-core noise-bursts, to ’90s-style rock through to straight up pop-punk sensibilies. This compilation takes in a smattering of tracks from their 2011 self-released uber-rare debut singles, (editions of just 83 copies and 137 copies), to 2016’s self release demo cassette (edition of 70 copies). Initial copies of this LP include an extensive zine, with band interviews, original artwork and track by track commentary.



Bajas Fresh is on the beach here in 2017, existing and thriving in the same wrecked world as you and me. How they finding it so chill and pretty? It’s been over three years since the last proper BITCHIN BAJASs—a natural paradise of woodwinds, droning organs, analog synths, field recordings, and an ever-expanding sense of MORE (and LESS). While flowing towards a wholeness, the four sides of Bajas Fresh feature distinct approaches, approaching the ephemeral with subtle tweaks from new angles. Eschewing the grainy expansiveness of the self-titled album, this new one has an almost monolithic approach, whether spitting forth with Harmonia-styled data riffs, finding Denny-esque South Pacific exotica within a classic Sun Ra piece or teasing out almost imperceptible inflections inside the epochal fizz and whir with glassy-eyed, glacial patience.


This split 7” showcases two similarly promising bands in the vanguard of the current Black Metal scene. Following the release of a superb demo on Tour De Garde six years ago, Departure Chandelier fell silent. This split release with Blood Tyrant signifies the band’s return and foreshadows the upcoming full-length album soon to be released on NWN!. Blood Tyrant’s “The Dark Decree” displays the band’s reverence for tradition, harkening back to Black Metal of the 1990s, draping frigid and melancholic riffs in a dense fog through which cut the vampyric shrills of the vocals. The ideas conveyed by Departure Chandelier and Blood Tyrant are complementary, not redundant, and the distinct nature of each band allows for welcome stylistic differences in their respective approaches that lend to the success of this split release.


LIHHAMON – Doctrine LP
Hailing from the city of Leipzig, Germany, the site of one of black metal’s most storied live performances, Lihhamon arose unceremoniously in 2013 and set to work in relative anonymity, crafting its bludgeoning weapon of Black Death Metal over the course of the ensuing two years before making its presence known to the masses. In solidarity with Lihhamon, and in the name of the label’s continuing goal of hastening the demise of the plague of humankind, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to hereby offer the first LP version of this document of unspeakable atrocities.


LION’S SHARE – s/t 7”
Not unlike our homies in FATIGUE, St. John’s, Newfoundland’s LION’S SHARE strides the pickets of Hardcore and Oi! in a lock-step, inimical porridge of chiming, martial hymns of social combat, that are as aggressive as they are catchy and melodic. Edition of 250 copies. Released earlier in 2017 on cassette by the band in a small amount.  (Warthog Speak Records #29)


SATANIC WARMASTER needs no introduction nor explanation. “Nova Ordo Ater” is a raw ‘n’ righteous rehearsal recorded on 4-track tape on February 28th and March 1st, 2009 in the Satanic Metal Temple. Comprising 38 minutes of stark and stripped-bare black metal, Nova Ordo Ater is an obsidian distillation of SATANIC WARMASTER’s live repertoire during this time period. It is being released solely on vinyl format, for only true Satanists, devil worshippers, witches, warriors, and criminals.


BACKTRACK – Bad To My World LP
Backtrack returns with “Bad To My World,” their first album since 2014’s “Lost In Life.” Along with longtime producer Nick Jett (Terror), they entered the Wild Arctic studio to lay down 10 brand-new songs with Dean Baltulonis (Madball, No Warning). Backtrack continues in the classic NYHC tradition of bands like Madball, Killing Time and Outburst while still remaining fresh and injecting their own unique flavor into the timeless sound. Vinyl version includes digital download.  (Bridge Nine Records #250)


DARIUS KOSKI – What Was Once Is By … LP

DARIUS KOSKI has spent nearly three decades building a body of work as a member of SWINGIN’ UTTERS and FILTHY THIEVING BASTARDS, as well as launching a solo career with his 2015 debut album Sisu. Much has been made of Koski’s prolific nature, but it is his work ethic that allows him to constantly push boundaries and expand his creative plate. Now we bring you Koski’s most expansive work to date in What Was Once Is By And Gone. While the debut album Sisu leaned heavy on Koski’s Americana Influences, What Was Once Is By And Gone sees him taking an even more eclectic approach, celebrating the diverse nature of his musical acuity. Though not a concept record, What Was Once Is By And Gone feels cinematic, with layers of instruments building a distinct world, using instrumental pieces to shift the album’s tone and tenor like a director uses a film score.


RAZZ – Time Frames LP

RAZZ are a reminder that simple Rock & Roll chord structure does not necessarily equate to unoriginal. A structurally sound debut LP, Time Frames lives up to the pedigree of the band’s cast of characters. ANDY HUMAN (moonlighting outside his Reptoids) on bass, and PHILLIP LANTZ (TALKIES) on drums lay the groundwork on which JOEL CUSUMANO (SOB STORIES, Talkies) and DAN WOOD (ex-PETS) weave guitars with architectural precision. The blueprints for these sonic sculptures spring from the mind of Wood, one of those rare songwriters who somehow teases out the complexities of life in a few couplets and delivers them in a riveting, plaintive voice set against sweeping, jagged waves of guitar. And what sets these RAZZ tunes apart from all your other favorite great rock and roll songs? Well, Wood has an uncanny knack for crafting the perfect middle eight—that part of a great song that burns white hot with all the dichotomous tensions wrapped around your heart, squeezing until its about to burst! RAZZ are TIMELESS and NOW—intricate POP disguised as BIG ROCK tunes!


DIRECT HIT / PEARS – Human Movement Split LP

Human Movement is the brand new hard-hitting split album from DIRECT HIT and PEARS. Each band blazes through five original tracks and a cover of one of the other band’s fan favorites! Pears reimagines Direct Hit’s classic “The World Is Ending (Sorta)” from Brainless God, which feels right at home as it could easily appear on either of their preceding albums. For any other band, it could be challenging cramming all that angst onto one side of a record. But Pears make it sound easy, creating a 6-song side that’s as ravenously inventive as anything that has come before it. Direct Hit’s 6-song side brings fans what they have come to love about the band—nervy pop punk, mixed with fist-smashing hardcore songs that make hardcore bands salivate. Direct Hit reinvents Pears’ fan favorite “You’re Boring” with some half-time grooves and deep, gravel-coated screams, making it the perfect balance between pummeling aggression and bubbly power pop.