This Weeks New Releases


We have lots of awesome new releases that arrived in the last week or two.  Too many to list them all, but here are several that we’re real excited about:


FLESH WORLD – Into the Shroud LP

Flesh World is a dream punk group formed in the summer of 2012 in San Francisco. The quartet includes Scott Moore (Guitar, Synths) Jess Scott (Vocals, Guitar) Andrew Luttrell (Bass, Backing Vocals) Sam Lefebvre (Drums). Jess and Scott met while loitering around the Panhandle district​, listening to records, gossiping, and playing live shows around town with their bands (Scott plays in hardcore group Limp Wrist and Jess played in the indie pop band Brilliant Colors). The pair immediately bonded over a shared love of The Velvets and The Mary Chain. They began writing songs in Scott’s lofted bedroom in the ​City and took their name from a XXX magazine​. ​The fully formed band released their first self-titled 6-song EP in December 2013 for London punk imprint La Vida Es Un Mus Discos. Two 7” singles were followed by their debut album ‘The Wild Animals In My Life’ released in 2015 on Iron Lung Records.


COMETBUS # 58 – Zimmerwald

The new Combetbus is out!  This time a new SF-based novella.  Always a solid read!


MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL – #417 October 2017

Early Swiss punk legends NEON, Rome’s NOFU, LOS IMPUESTOS from Guatemala, Amy Starecheski (author of Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City), filmmakers Monika Estrella Negra and Michelle Garza Cervera, FURY, MACHO BOYS, FEATURE, and Oakland’s BAUS.


NEUROSIS – The Word as Law LP

On limited clear vinyl!!! “I still remember the first time I heard The Word As Law, shortly after it was released in 1990. From the first chords of “Double-Edged Sword” I was hooked—the sounds seemed to send some sort of powerful electrical current coursing through my body—and by the time the feedback faded out at the end of “Blisters” I was emotionally spent. I had never heard anything like it: it completely changed my understanding of three different musical genres—punk, hardcore, and metal.


ANTI-SEX – Un Major Futuro LP

Debut on vinyl from the Mexico City-based trio. Ten songs of Spanish-language punk that recalls Tozibabe and other ’80s greats, though not a reenactment by any means. Thunderous drums, venomous vocals, and a perfectly raw recording, this is further proof that ANTI-SEX are one of the most vital and urgent bands playing today. 500 copies on black vinyl split between Thrilling Living, World Gone Mad, and Cintas Pepe.


GEROS – Razor Dog 7″

“A two song punk rock bomb from Osaka, Japan. This is their second EP, and first released stateside. Side A features a little ditty called ‘Razor Dog,’ a sonic blast of screaming guitar and huge rhythm section, with just enough lo-fi static to keep things interesting. With guest vocals by KEIKO from Nagoya’s UNSKILLED LAB, this has a little touch of the Angreb with a healthy dusting of the Registrators’ punkier stuff. The B Side comes on the form of the menacing ‘Don’t Call Me,’ with the riff that takes you back to the ‘Police Truck’ days of Dead Kennedys.”—Aleks Shaulov. Dressed in a fancy handmade sleeve, 500 records pressed, with only 200 available in the USA.


LOVEBIRDS – Filled With Hate 7”

“Man, I don’t ever go out nowadays. I don’t know what to say, I’ve got the blues. Usually though when I am creepy crawling, I’m out to catch The Lovebirds, San Francisco’s best new guitar band. I’ve been watching them carve up the dank air of many a fine Mission saloon for about a year now and they always have the edge. They’re Of and Raised in SF and they’re youngish. All of them jam their instruments with technique and style, in accordance with the Old Ways. They have a budget Scott Gorham-riff inside a jangly scorcher called “Filled With Hate,” which is about leaving Los Angeles for San Francisco.

“You can go pretty far nowadays on the idea of a Band, but The Lovebirds don’t have time for that shit. Whether you wear denim, leather, or tie-dye it’s only worth about an El Rio drink ticket if you don’t know how to write the tunes, and The Lovebirds wear a cloak of many colors. The guitars weave together beautifully, leads, hooks and riffs arranged like an American cheese platter. The rhythm section takes the cheese and deftly makes a deli sandwich, playing with smarts and panache. This is the kind of band with whose drummer you can smoke weed outside the bar and talk in-depth about the annexation of Hawaii; you can then walk inside, look the guitarist straight in the eye, say, “R.E.M is better than Teenage Fanclub” and he’ll still drive your fool ass home. They’ve even got a dude in the band who says funny shit on stage. Take one look at them and you’ll know they learn things from books and write songs with instruments (no, seriously). “These songs have tons of moves and nobody puts moves in their songs anymore besides The Cacamen, and that was only one move, once. Moves are great, they’re like skate tricks. Seems to me, the only move a band will pull nowadays is the downward dog, am I right? The Lovebirds are punk, but in the classical sense, not the eBay sense. They dare to believe that R.E.M is better than Big Star. Just kidding, they’re not there yet. But this is an excellent start.” – Herbal Caen



The newly shorn Oh Sees waste no time in racing headlong into nightmarish battle with the mighty Orc, clawing even farther up the ghastly peak stormed so satisfyingly by last year’s A Weird Exits. The band is in tour-greased, anvil-on-a-balance beam, gut-pleasingly heavy form, nimbly braining—with equal dashes of abandon and menace—on this fresh batch of bruisers and brooders, hypnotically stirred into to the cauldron of chaos you’ve come to expect.



It’s hard to believe that twenty years have passed since two of the bleakest purveyors of doomed psychosis, namely Noothgrush and Corrupted, unleashed thirty-five minutes of suffering. Perhaps thought buried by grime and rust, this much sought-after split LP has now been excavated in 2017 and given a fresh layer of tar via remastered audio and new artwork. Today there are countless bands mining every single facet of what is mostly incorrectly called doom. This split reminds us that “sludge,” doom’s most nihilistic offshoot, wasn’t about upbeat warm waves of “stoner” riffs and top-dollar vintage tees, but about landfills of hatred, misery and self-loathing, a total negation of life and a completely uncompromising and untrendy sound—music that wants to punish you and itself. Oakland’s Hal Rotter provides the split with new art appropriately conveying the grim atmosphere within and Brad Boatright’s remaster enhances the all consuming dread that makes even the bleakest Vitus moments sound cheerful by comparison.


TY SEGALL – Fried Shallots LP

In order to survive this long hot season of discontent, you gotta have something new to turn up and tune into! It’s vital to chew down on stuff that’s not just all negativity, you know? If you wanna stay positive, throw TY SEGALL’s Fried Shallots into your brain pan and flame on for a quick snack. Fried Shallots is a handful of numbers from different times and places over the past few years that all work together in a weird way. That’s something that we should all be striving for: all working together in a weird way. For Ty, that requires rock with the gears shifting and stripping, tempos and tropes mashing up; a primal outburst, a quick-and-fuzzy soundtrack of rock, folk, r’n’b and pure power pop, to give us a chance to chill and do the new century twist for just a minute. That’s good, for in twist we trust! Fried Shallots isn’t simply just good fun. The profits from this release will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, whose defense of our rights is badly needed now—especially in the face of the government pigs who don’t care about the constitution and are determined to thin our herd so that they and their corporate sugar-



Extra fine songwriter and longtime bedroom-pop auteur Kelley Stoltz delivers on the promise so many of his records slyly hint at. Que Aura is the platonic ideal of a Kelley Stoltz record, which is a very exciting thing indeed. Stoltz embraces his best synth-pop tendencies, with this incredibly self-assured set of tender tunes, combining in his own hangdog fashion both a disco-lit abandon and the attendant post-party sighs of dread and remorse.


UV-TV – Go Away 7″

Hot on the heels of widely acclaimed debut LP Glass (Deranged Records) Florida punks UV-TV follow up with an ultra-hooky catchy revved up pop punk assault. Supercharged melodic-pop songs, played with the feverish ferocity of some of the best DIY hardcore of right now. UV-TV comfortably straddle many genres, C86, post-punk, shoegaze, with a pop sensibility that denies their youthful years, sounding The Shop Assistants on steroids.


XYLITOL – Is Toxic To Pigs??? 7″

Irrepressibly catchy Olympia-based pogo punk with the wildest and most charismatic vocalist in contemporary DIY punk. A guide to kissing the void and navigating our continued existence in a racist capitalist hellscape. If the world is gonna burn, we might as well have fun while we incite a riot, right? This is the soundtrack to fucking shit up, fighting back, defining yourself and seeing who joins. Members of G.L.O.S.S. 550 copies on black vinyl, comes with acheter du cialis en ligne a digital download.