This Week’s New Arrivals – Sept 12th

Hey it’s been a minute since we did a post.  Here’s some of our favorite records that came in over the last month:

hisheroisgone2HIS HERO IS GONE – 15 Counts Of Arson LP  (limited re-pressing)
Memphis, Tennessee’s HIS HERO IS GONE ’s debut album. An explosive
charge of Crust hardcore, emotive, somber riffs, throttling blasting
drums and unpredictable, intense song writing with harsh vocals spitting
intense, to the point lyrics. The original Line up of HIS HERO IS GONE
would practice incessantly, tour nonstop, writing and defining their
unique sound that drew disparate clues from the band members earlier
bands: MAN WITH GUN LIVES HERE, FACE DOWN and COPOUT, but seeped deeper in fandom, absorption and adaptation of parts of classic SXE, emergent Power violence, 90’s European Dbeat Hardcore and underground metal. This Classic album was recorded mid tour in 1996 at Polymorph studios, a wedged together studio that produced many great underground records before the neighborhood succumbed to gentrification and it was turned
into a small batch ice creamery. This is it’s first pressing since 2011, 472 pressed from the original plates at RTI record technology.  (Prank
Records #13)




hisheroisgoneHIS HERO IS GONE – Monuments To Thieves LP  (limited re-pressing)
Memphis, Tennessee’s HIS HERO IS GONE’s  quick sophomore follow up to 15 Counts of Arson could be seen as a refinement, a continuation or a reflection of the first, as it volleys another 15 songs of intense down tuned hardcore blasting fast with riveting drumming, pounding bass and stopping briefly on somber dirge to launch direct lyrics about technology, oppression and Institutionalized racism of their hometown. Eleven years after the albums 1997 release, Memphis’s Auction avenue, featured on the front of record, was renamed in honor of Memphis Civil
rights lawyer and businessman A.W. Willis Jr.. In spite of this,
progress avenue,  featured on the back of the album, is still a dead end street. Members of HIS HERO IS GONE went on to play in DIMLAIA, CALL THE POLICE, TRAUMA, TRAGEDY, DRAIN THE SKY, WARCRY, SYNDROMES, CRIMINAL DAMAGE,  NIGHTFELL., DEATHREAT and SEVERED HEAD OF STATE.  This is it’s
first pressing since 2011, 555 pressed from the original plates at RTIrecord technology.  (Prank Records #16)





nostatikNO STATIK – What Did You Give Away When You Gave In? 7”
3 exclusive new songs that work as a companion piece to their new LP on
Iron Lung Records. This is No Statik. This may be
the end.   300 copies pressed.  Count your blessings while they exist.
(25 Diamonds Records #29)









stiffloveSTIFF LOVE – Attitudes 7″
Hot on the heels of their debut “Trouble” 7″ EP, Stiff Love are back with a smashing new single! These two tracks capture the Olympia-based group at their best yet – a fast-and-loose unit equipped with the kind of chops and confidence that simply cannot be faked or replicated. Stiff Love are the real deal; unrefined and unsophisticated; a near-perfect sonic amalgam of rock’n’roll, garage, and punk. There’s a classic & undeniable 60’s flavored, four-piece group dynamic at play; with Claudia
and Elysa laying down the pounding rhythm section that allows Dahlia and Xtine’s trebly, twin-guitar charge to propel each track along. The perfectly desperate vocals and wailing guitar leads command the high end of the mix, sealing the deal on this highly memorable and downright catchy pairing of tracks. Recorded straight to tape with Captain Tripps and packaged in a textured stipple stock glue pocket sleeve with lyric
insert and digital download.  (Feel It Records #22)





violencecreepsVIOLENCE CREEPS – Nephew Melting 7″

Oakland’s VIOLENCE CREEPS aren’t ones to mince words and on their new single they hit their adversaries square in the throat. Now flanked with a new rhythm section The Creeps haven’t lost any steam. In fact they have plenty to blow because this is them at their angriest. Taking on a certain local mustachioed garage rocker on the A side, and Oakland’s influx of tech bros on the flip you can hear the seething hatred in AMBER’s voice. Flanked by the spastic screeching guitar of SHRIMP RIPPER and the busy bouncy bass interplay you’ve come to expect from VC. This is them at their best and I hope the rumors that this is the end of the line are just that. 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.





coldbeatCOLD BEAT – A Simple Reflection 12″

COLD BEAT is a San Francisco-based quartet fronted by HANNAH LEW (synths, vocals) with KYLE KING (synths, guitar), LUCIANO TALPINI AITA (synths) and SEAN MONAGHAN (guitar). Formed in 2013 the band has released three albums and two EPs. A Simple Reflection is a 7-song collection of Eurythmics covers, yet feels just as personal as any of their original material. While digging through a collection of 12″s for her record shop Contact Records, Lew stumbled across the earliest Eurythmics B-sides and was floored. This lead to the discovery of their debut album In The Garden. Annie Lennox’s abstract and poetic lyrics really struck a chord with Hannah. What had started out as a single cover quickly snowballed into a full blown obsession. The synth and drum programming resonated with her songwriting process, so reimagining them was very creatively fulfilling. The covers on this EP are simultaneously dynamic and atmospheric post-punk that plays to Lew’s ethereal vocals and King’s crystalline guitar. All songs have been mixed by MIKEY YOUNG (Total Control) and mastered by GEORGE HORN at Fantasy Studios. The record is housed in a jacket designed

by ELOISE LEIGH, which features pink and purple clouds that evoke a dreamy softness and DIY playfulness and photos Lew in her best Lennox-inspired drag. Each copy includes a postcard with photos and notes. “Sometimes a song seems to sing just for you, as if someone knows your most inner thoughts and feelings and has found a way to describe them effortlessly”—Hannah Lew




betaboysBETA BOYS – Late Nite Acts LP
Following a string of 7″s for Total Punk, Digital Regress, Neck Chop, and Lumpy – the once Kansas City, now Olympia-based Beta Boys return with their finest work to date; the aptly-titled Late Nite Acts LP. A strikingly focused and sonically refined tour de force, these ten new tracks pair the band’s Midwestern hardcore roots with a darker, midtempo burn. A pure punk sound if there ever was; precisely capturing the boredom, depression, and ever-present sense of hopelessness spread across modern America. Beta Boys have truly upped the ante on this full
length; an album absolutely brimming with stellar production, first-rate songwriting, and unapollegetically punk flavor. Packaged in a full color jacket with artwork from Beta Boys’ own Hank Durango plus lyric insert, hype sticker, and digital download.  (Feel It Records #23)





cementshoesCEMENT SHOES – A Peace Product of the USA 7″
Get in on the crumbling ground floor with the debut 7″ single from Richmond’s own Cement Shoes. Following a promising 2017 demo on the Loki Label, heralded as a “meat and potatoes and LSD” hardcore punk production, the Shoes turn in two fresh cuts on this 45. Furiously scratching away at the ever-underwhelming state of contemporary hardcore punk, the principle songwriters of Brown Sugar, Fried Egg, and Haircut
intervene to bring us a robust and epic pairing of tracks. Consider it a simultaneous toast to the sense of humor and originality of first wave hardcore/punk and a roast of the ever fashionable and generic trappings of the aughts. Each copy comes packaged in a unique, hand-painted glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert and digital download.  (Feel It Records #24)





dirtistTHE DIRTIST – Cento Shot 7″

Slovenly imprint Mondo Mongo—your mother tongues label—presents the first EP sung in Italian from Florence Italy punk finks THE DIRTIEST. On this follow-up to 2016’s stellar and howling Alarm EP, they get drunker and dirtier, ditching the sonic caterwaul of yore, delivering four short and scathing tracks of Spits meets Ramones skate punk attack, making sure to note our insistence of using their native language on “Macaroni.” Grappa hey!







lotionscumputerL.O.T.I.O.N / SCUMPUTER – Split LP

MENTIRA – Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira 7”
Kansas City, MO’s MENTIRA marry the unbridled experimentalism of early Japanese hardcore with the contemporary melodicism and rhythmic inventiveness of the current Spanish punk scene — the groovier spiritual sibling of DESTINO FINAL, no doubt! — and emerge with something entirely their own. For fans of INSERVIBLES and UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE. Features members of AMERICAN HATE, NIÉGALO TODO, NATURAL MAN, UNFORGIVEN 5, and more. Limited to 500 copies and 25 tour edition test presses, all on black vinyl, with Risographed sleeves produced at Oddities Prints in KCMO.  (Thrilling Living Records #13)





oheseesOH SEES – Smote Reverser LP

Crack the coffers, Oh Sees have spawned another frothy album of head-destroying psych-epics to grok and rock out to. Notice the fresh dollop of organ and keyboard prowess courtesy of Memory Of A Cut Off Head-alum and noted key-stabber Tom Dolas, while the Paul Quattrone / Dan Rincon drum-corps polyrhythmic pulse continues to astound and pound in equal measure, buttressed by the nimble fingered bottom end of Sir Tim Hellman the Brave and the shred-heaven fret frying of John Dwyer, whilst Lady Brigid Dawson again graces the wax with her harmonic gifts. Aside from the familiar psych-scorch familiar to soggy pit denizens the world over, there’s a fresh heavy-prog vibe that fits like a worn-in jean jacket comfortably among hairpin metal turns and the familiar but no less horns-worthy guitar fireworks Dwyer’s made his calling card. Perhaps the most notable thing about Smote Destroyer is the artistic restlessness underpinning its flights of fancy. Dwyer refuses to repeat himself and for someone with such a hectic release schedule, that stretching of aesthetic borders and omnivorous appetite seems all the more superhuman!





piousfaultsPIOUS FAULTS – Old Thread LP
Now is the time to take notice of Brisbane, Australia’s PIOUS FAULTS. Aside from a short, yet exciting demo on the Tenth Court label and a brief feature in the almighty Distort Mag, Pious Faults have remained somewhat of an enigma since their inception in late 2016. However, with “Old Thread”, the young Australian group have crafted a remarkably lucid and original vinyl debut. A sonic whirlwind of wonderfully deconstructed
hardcore punk – songs stripped of inheritable form; leaping from stone to leaf to puddle in a unique, abstract manner. A sound far from imitation but comparable to early Saccharine Trust, Spike In Vain, or more recent fare like Dry Rot and NASA Space Universe. Pious Faults careen through nine tracks on this 45rpm 12″, balancing short, disaffected hardcore punk blasts with an experimental urgency, as referenced across tracks like the massive “Worship the Surface”. The tense physical interplay between instruments feeds powerfully beneath uninhibited, wonder-full snarls that depict a landscape of the destructive external and a keyhole view into the bruised internal. Experience is exposed here by Pious Faults. Watch on and see no mind tied to its own leap. This record is born solely out of love, amusement & all the motions that follow in their wake. Reconnect with what allows you. Want on. Packaged in a full color jacket printed on recycled stock with risograph booklets printed by Oddities Prints and digital download.
Limited to 400.  (Feel It Records #20)





predatorPREDATOR – No Face 7″

After a few years of relative silence Atlanta’s main purveyors of mean and lean punk, PREDATOR, are back on the scene. In the downtime they have managed to further tighten their already razor sharp sound offering their two best tracks yet. Dark, minimal and brooding with buzzsaw guitars and muscled delivery. Predator are almost hypnotic in their simplicity, but still manage a full and powerful sound. 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.







puppyandthePUPPY AND THE HAND JOBS – ST 7″

JAIME PAUL LAMB of We’re Loud: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns fame comes crawling back to the Black Gladiator / Slovenly house of ill repute like a masochist, and as disgusting as ever, with his new Phoenix, AZ unit, PUPPY AND THE HAND JOBS! Puppy’s kink is playing either naked or wearing a diaper on stage (and at private rehearsals) while the Hand Jobs—both male—are decked out to the nines in respectable Ward and June Cleaver garb. Five songs on this EP include the appetizing title track “I Eat Abortions,” and the homoerotic “I Think I’m Gay” (video streaming exclusively on Pornhub Gay).







swinginuttersSWINGIN’ UTTERS – Peace and Love LP

Since their 2011 comeback album, street-punk mainstays SWINGIN’ UTTERS have been on a tear—releasing two more new albums, a career spanning greatest hits album, and relentless touring—building on their hallmark aesthetic of classic street-punk, with a wide array of folk, country, garage-rock, and even honky-tonk embellishments. Once again JOHNNY, DARIUS, and JACK have collaborated to put together 15 songs that are as catchy as they are cohesive. Peace and Love is a true testament to the creative dexterity of these talented songwriters. From the Lemmy-inspired album opener “Undertaker, Undertake” to the catchy pop-tinged “Human Potential” to album closing ballad “H.L.S.,” a heartfelt tribute to Jack’s friend and former bandmate, the Utters do not disappoint on Peace and Love. With the addition of LUKE RAY (COBRA SKULLS) and TONY TEIXEIRA (Cobra Skulls, WESTERN ADDICTION), Swingin’ Utters have taken on a whole new life while maintaining that classic Utters sound that has placed them in a league of their own for 3 decades. With tons of touring planned throughout the fall and beyond, don’t expect these punk rock legends to slow down any time soon.





warmdragWARM DRAG – ST LP

Warm Drag are a musical two piece, a two-sided conversation, two devils on your shoulders, one of them telling you to take that drug, sleep with that person and steal that car, the other devil whispering to hit the reverb pedal and turn the volume all the way up. The band listens to both devils, and they are bringing their samplers-and-switchblade post-noir noise disco to audiences this summer, with their self-titled debut on In The Red.   The two people in the band do specific things: Vashti Windish sings, the way Siouxsie sang power, the way Nico sang allure, the way Patti sang sex, while Paul Quattrone makes the noise with two Akai MPC 1000 samplers. These beats pummel or seduce, usually simultaneously, with synths that soar like Morricone or pump like DAF, and with gloriously twangy guitars that clang and echo like Duane Eddy spiraling down a k-hole.   Windish and Quattrone have history. They’ve lived and they’ve been in bands. Quattrone is a drummer in the current powerhouse Oh Sees lineup, which should be enough of a recommendation for anyone, but he’s also been in !!! and Modey Lemon too. Windish cut her teeth in bands including the K-Holes and Golden Triangle, back in her native New York. A chance reunion in Los Angeles led Quattrone and Windish to attempt the outlandish ambition of marrying her love for the genre-defying genius of Blondie’s Parallel Lines (the first cassette she ever owned) to Quattrone’s love of The Bomb Squad’s production styles. They’ve been winning over notoriously-inert Los Angeles audiences for a year now. An early show caught the eye of Ian Svenonius. “Their cut-up collage of electronic stomp-music embodied everything people were searching for that summer,” he remembers. “There were just two of them but the sound was magnificent.”





waxahatcheeWAXAHATCHEE – Great Thunder LP

KATIE CRUTCHFIELD’s ever-shifting musical project WAXAHATCHEE returns with the Great Thunder EP. Featuring a collection of songs written with now-dormant experimental recording group GREAT THUNDER while Crutchfield was also writing the Waxahatchee albums Cerulean Salt and Ivy Tripp, the original recordings have mostly faded into obscurity. Unearthing and reimagining them with producer BRAD COOK at Justin Vernon’s April Base studio in Wisconsin was a cathartic experience, she says. On the heels of last year’s critically acclaimed Out in the Storm, Crutchfield found herself looking to take a sharp turn away from the more rock-oriented influences of her recent records towards her more folk and country roots. Some of the songs on Great Thunder, like “Chapel of Pines” and “Singer’s No Star,” stayed the same and will be recognizable to those intensely familiar with Crutchfield’s catalog to date, while closer “Takes So Much” was built back up on piano from the bones of the original version. Limited edition LP pressed on yellow vinyl.





crowncourtCROWN COURT – Made in England 7″

Each consecutive Crown Court record has been an incremental improvement in songcraft and sonics. That being said, this is their tightest, toughest release to date. The Mad In England EP is a welcome continuation of elements from the instant classic Capital Offence LP, but steeped in some extra mean laddish swagger. “Mad in England” typifies the Crown Court sound, grabbing your collar out of the gate with barbed wire guitars and stomping drums that roughhouse through verse and chant for just over two minutes. The accompanying tracks are two bare-knuckle rippers that hit like you had it coming all along. This is classic Oi! done right with a Chiswick ‘tude and across the board punk appeal.





earthgirlhelenEARTH GIRL HELEN BROWN – Four Satellites LP

The Earth Girl Helen Brown Center For Planetary Intelligence Band (E.G.H.B.C.F.P.I.B.) is pleased to join forces with In the Red Records and Empty Cellar Records, presenting the first vinyl release of their proto-lanetary series Four Satellites Vol. 1. Double gate-folded LP (three sides + etching), the release is a collection of songs and information from the band’s 2017 consumer recycled cassette series: Spring: Mercury: Fire, Summer: Mars: War, Fall: Saturn: Communication, and Winter: Venus: Love. The band, related media artists and technicians includes: Heidi Alexander, Jamie Barron, Jamin Barton, Eric Bauer, Aylin Beyce, Emilee Booher, Ryan Browne, Tim Cohen, Grace Cooper, Dave Cousin, Brad Caulkins, Mikal Cronin, Bart Davenport, Brigid Dawson, John Dwyer, Chris Fallon, Lars Finberg, James Finch Jr., Davin Givhan, Dylan Hadley, Dustin Hamman, Kiran Harlow, Wilder Harlow, Graeme Gibson, Tahlia Harbour, Anna Hillburg, Douglas Hilsinger, Warren Huegel, Emmett Kelly, Nora Keys, Shannon Lay, Raven Mahon, Rusty Miller, Charlie Moonheart, Jack Name, Ethan Novikoff, Tim Presley, Ty Segall, Dave Sitek, Sean Smith, Sonny Smith, Kelley Stoltz, Enrique Tena, Alica Vanden Heuvel, Lida Vanden Heuvel and Mikey Young.





eriknervousERIK NERVOUS – Nervolid 7″

It should come as no surprise to you that ERIK NERVOUS is a member of the DEVO fan club. This new 7″ (his first since Ice Cream on Total Punk) Features Erik ripping through some of his favorite obscure DEVO songs from various bootleg and live records. We are not men, we are NEVO.









scientistSCIENTIST – Braindead 7″

In the summer of 2017 Australia’s premiere swamp / grunge / punk / noise band The Scientists unexpectedly sprang back to life and started playing shows and making new music again. Kim Salmon is back with his Scientists—Boris Sujdovic, Tony Thewlis, and Leanne Cowie (the mid-’80s line-up)—and are delivering their first recording in thirty years. For this occasion they have recorded “Braindead,” a reworking of song from their 1987 Human Jukebox album, and a brand new track called “Survivalskills.” Anyone who loves the band’s original fuzz-filled swamprock will not be disappointed. The band will be touring the US for the first time ever and plan to release a follow up to this single on In The Red later this year.





UNIFORM CHOICE – s/t LP (10 Song Demo on White Vinyl)
For the first time ever on the 12″ vinyl format is the 1984 demo by
Orange County, CA, straight-edge hardcore stalwarts Uniform Choice. It
features Patrick Dubar on vocals, Victor Maynez on guitar, David Mellow
on bass, and Patrick Dyson on drums, the same line-up that would later
go on to record the lauded “Screaming For Change” LP. This deluxe
reissue includes a gatefold jacket featuring restored cover artwork,
never-before-scene photos, a reproduction of the original demo lyric
sheet, and a two-sided, 11″ x 17″ poster with a photo by famed SoCal
punk photographer KRK on one side and rare artwork by Shawn Kerri
(Circle Jerks, D.O.A., Germs) on the other. LP includes digital
download. This is the white vinyl version, limited to 300 copies.
(Mankind Records #14)

MOENEN OF XEZBETH – Ancient Spells of Darkness… LP
Conjuring the sinister spirits of yesteryear, Moenen of Xezbeth rises to
deliver its first full incantation of mid-paced black metal, “Ancient
Spells of Darkness…,” with its seven arcane invocations primed to
unleash their plague on all who bear witness. (Nuclear War Now Records #402)


PETITE – ll 7″
Four tracks of extremely catchy & melodic UK82 inspired punk from
Portland.  (Distort Reality Records #38)


PERMISSION – Drawing Breath Through a Hole in the Ground LP
Permission storm onward with new themes of helplessness and
disorientation. Ever present in their approach, aesthetic, and musical
execution, the whirlwind eight songs dash on top of pogo inducing
acceleration, the brief sluggishness of open strings and blister
producing snare thuds. A few uncharacteristic moments produce a fine
payoff knowing Permission are capable of exactly what we imagined them
to be. Fantastic off kilter hardcore punk and absolutely not to be
missed live.  Drawing Breath Through a Hole in the Ground comes housed
in a sleeve designed by guitarist Ralph Simmonds following the path laid
on their previous 12” left and comes with a 11×11 lyric insert and A2
poster designed by drummer Lloyd Clipston.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #174)

Remastered vinyl reissue of the debut and only Omega Tribe album,
originally released in late 1983 on Corpus Christi Records. The album
was recorded by Guitarist Pete Fender deep in the Poison Girl’s basement
studio in Leyton and contains 11 punk anthems with a pop sensibility
missed by most of their curse of 1983 peers. Omega Tribe were one of the
few bands that had a much more softer, poetic and melodic style of
playing that still managed to impress, educate and influence their
audiences. It was protest music with a heart and sense of love that
still is relevant 35 years later. This album has never been reissued and
deserves it’s place right next to the Mob – Let the Tribe Increase LP,
Poison Girls – Hex LP and Zounds – Curse of Zounds LP.  (La Vida Es Un
Mus/Sealed Records #1)


BEACH RATS – Wasted Time 7″ (color vinyl)
Bridge Nine is excited to welcome a new edition to its roster: New
Jersey’s Beach Rats. Beach Rats is a brand new band featuring an
all-star cast of scene veterans including Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag
Nasty, Bad Religion), Ari Katz (Lifetime), plus members from The
Bouncing Souls, and more. Their debut EP, “Wasted Time,” features five
songs of fast, melodic hardcore punk that will leave the listener
begging for more. 7″ includes digital download.  (Bridge Nine Records #256)