This Weeks New Arrivals – May 5th



It’s been a minute since we posted our new arrivals.  We were crazy busy preparing and recovering from Record Store Day.  But heres a few new records we have been excited about in the past week or two:



Oakland, California—BLUES LAWYER is ROB I. MILLER (MALL WALK), ELYSE SCHROCK (THE WORLD), NIC RUSSO (DICK STUSSO) and ALEJANDRA ALCALA (PREENING). Founded in Oakland last year at the edges of these more formalized projects, Blues Lawyer launched as an outlet for friends Rob and Elyse to air their romantic woes over a shared pop sensibility; originally the two had planned it as a comically brief experiment. The group started with the intention of only playing two shows but morphed into the primary outlet for their tragic and hilarious romantic encounters. Rob and Elyse first met as co-workers at a record store in 2012 where they bonded over bands from the Flying Nun label such as the Clean and the Bats, which surface in the music the two now make together. Recorded over two days by ANDREW OSWALD at Secret Bathroom in Oakland, Guess Work, combines punk-like pace and concision with a measure of pop sentiment and wit, eliciting comparisons to bands such as Television Personalities, the Vaselines, and Wire.


BLACK PANTIES – Dirt From the Mop 7″

It’s been almost two years since we’ve heard Mr. Blac. What’s he been doing with his downtime? He clearly hasn’t been reading his four tracks owners manual, and based upon how long it took us to get this out he also wasn’t checking his emails. But low and behold! It’s finally here. The A side is a happy little number about being inferior to the flies gathered around a mop bucket that sounds like it very well could have been recorded at the bottom one. On the flip we get a four minute two chord scuzz punisher that’s gonna shake those back molars right out of your head. Despondent, spit drenched and 100% TOTAL PUNK!


UBIK – Self Titled 7″

4 tracks of catchy brat-beat punk from the new Melbourne punk 4 piece UBIK. Upbeat and simple Ubik draws on the melodies and anarcho drum beats of bands like CRISIS with bratty vocal stylings reminiscent of THE COMES spitting lyrics about the mundanities, paranoia and bigotry of modern Australian life. Featuring members of MASSES & RED RED KROVVY….


LTD – Self Titled LP

What happens when you put King Khan and Sean Wood from The Spits together? The results are Louder Than Death aka LTD. This mini-album is the first collaboration between the two titans of garage-punk and the results are as bonkers as you’d hope. Sci-fi inspired punk meets weirdo synth damage that’s as deranged and dumb as you’d hope. Since the recording of this debut release the band have added Aggy and Looch from the Magnetix to the line up and recorded an album (out later this year on In The Red) of blistering, whacked-out punk rock that is guaranteed to blow minds. Watch for the band on tour!


ARCHIE AND THE BUNKERS – Play the Damned 7″

In The Red is proud to announce this brand new 7-inch EP from Cleveland, Ohio’s Archie & the Bunkers. The band consists of teenage brothers Emmett (drums/vocals) and Cullen O’Conner (organ/vocals) who have been pounding out their stripped-down brand of crazed rock ‘n’ roll since 2014. Their live shows have to be seen to be believed. Anyone who has seen them live or is familiar with their previous releases on Smog Veil, Dirty Water and Norton knows these guys are the real deal and they aren’t messing around. In The Red HQ are of the firm belief that The Damned are one of the greatest rock n’roll bands of all time. It turns out Archie & the Bunkers share this feeling and have been known to cover the Damned frequently and have performed entire sets of their music. They even jammed with the band on their last US tour, having a better memory of how some of their early material went than the men who wrote it! Therefore ITR is happy that the band have agreed to cover some of their favorite Damned selections, doing them in their own frantic, bare bones style. Recorded by Jim Diamond in Detroit, the results here are glorious!


THE BOMBPOPS – Dear Beer 7″

THE BOMPBOPS made their grand Fat Wreck debut a year ago with their pop-punk supercharged album Fear of Missing Out. Since then the band has refused to stay idle. After numerous tours with the likes of NOFX, Descendents, Supersuckers, The Lillingtons, and Swingin’ Utters, The Bombpops decided it was time to get back into the studio. Again, they teamed up with CHRIS FOGAL (The Gamits) at Black in Bluhm Music. The result is four catchy, pop-punk infused songs that reflect just how much the band has grown in 12 short months. Dear Beer picks up right where their debut album left off, but kicks things up a notch with a more mature tone. Chock-full of the infectious harmonies and energy The Bombpops have become known for, Dear Beer serves to tide fans over, along with providing a sneak peek into what’s to come.


GELD – Perfect Texture LP

Swirling psychedelic D-Beat madness from Melbourne, Australia with members of KRÖMOSOM and POWER. Acidic fuzz guitars and wild distorted vocals snarling out eleven songs about suffering, vulnerability, paranoia and banality are what make up the perfect texture of living in today’s doomed world. Perfect Texture offers about as much comfort as a swarm of angry bees whose nest has just been kicked. Includes a huge full-color poster, lyric sheet and download card come housed in a 24-pt UV coated jacket.


HAXXAN – The Magnificent Planet of …..LP

The Magnificent Planet of Alien Vampiro II is the sophomore full-length Tel Aviv’s psychedelic stalwart yout’ HÄXXAN (pronounced ‘chasan’). This is riff heavy and overdriven power trio madness that brings the rock hard, laced on occasion with subtle sound effect trickery and soaked with only the juiciest hooks. “Silkworms” doubles as an earworm, and on “Hunter,” the band shifts effortlessly from humorous heartbroken school boy chant to crashing walls of distortion that would give Ty Segall / Fuzz a run for the money. As a matter of fact, they’ve shared the stage on several occasions, and Ty himself has dug their ecstatic, high energy live show. These kids live for rock’n’roll, and have recently relocated to Berlin, where they can live independent & free, between the river & the sea.



There’s a lot to absorb with a band like Ruby Karinto, yet another band on HoZac without any guitars, although they’ve got so much going on sound-wise, you won’t even miss ‘em. With a spaced-out and throbbing rhythm section, gurgling Moog squelches, and an impeccable Japanese front woman, it’s a sensory assault from all angles and it’s just the perfectly refreshing blast of No Wave art-pop you’ve been waiting for. The 4-piece band emerged from the Victoria, British Columbia underground a few years ago, self-releasing their impressive debut 7” EP with three impossibly catchy tracks, bopping with mesmerizing robotic vocals and other-worldly sizzling electronics, so naturally, we couldn’t resist the chance to release their debut LP. With half of the tracks sung in Japanese and half in English, Ruby Karinto are the hypnotic post-punk band that mastered the details, yet didn’t forget how to dance, and their long-form workouts echo ESG, Delta 5, and the bass-driven strain of No Wave’s best early 80s entries.  Ruby Karinto’s debut LP is really nothing like we’ve ever released, but everyone that’s heard it so far is shocked and amazed at the instant pleasure, it’s a record not just anyone can make, and it’s a sound that’s far out of reach from most participants, and it’s set to surely expand some horizons. Grab their debut EP if you still can, and thank your lucky stars that modern music can still be this exciting and dynamic. As much as the guitar is an integral part of the subversive 20th Century sound, Ruby Karinto may very well be the canary in the coal mine as to the vibrations of the future. – Edition of 300 copies with download.


SUBSONICS – Flesh Coloured Paint LP

Atlanta’s SUBSONICS are a gutter-glam, minimal rock’n’roll trio. This is their 8th album and it’s called Flesh Colored Paint. Like all their previous works, this is a distilled hodgepodge of decades of popular culture and classic literature culminating in a collection of short and groovy shambolar: Chuck Berry, Albert Camus, AM radio rock jocks, Bo Diddley, Golden Age TV, surrealism, Mad Magazine, kung-fu flicks, Herman Melville, Little Richard, self-negating philosophy, David Johansen, The Bible, Dee Dee Ramone, Lee Van Cleef, Cornell Woolrich, advertising jingles, Dada, Carole King, Bugs Bunny, and Casablanca; the poem, not the film. This is a gorgeous mess of an record, and it’s cool. REAL COOL, KILLER. We hope you’ll find something within to make you think, or at the very least, dance, if it’s too deep.


THE SUEVES – R.I.P. Clearance Event LP

Chicago’s most intricate punk heathens are back with their second full-length, and if you already know their sound, it’s important that you bolt down the furniture, we can’t be responsible for this kind of punishment when you’ve already dealt with their recklessly “endangering” debut. This band has evolved so much in the past five years, it’s hard to even imagine their massive strides of punk progression, let along their ability to conquer the impossible tension that most band can’t even reach in their wildest dreams. The local talent has eroded in recent times to a point of panic, yet The Sueves are still standing, brutally pushing your face into the fire, with one of the last examples of a physically abusive guitar tone left on domestic soil, and one of Chicago’s best and purest rock’n roll byproducts. Strangulated vocals, nervous & bashing riffs, and soul-crushing bass lines all coalesce into perfectly absurd punk anthems that shouldn’t make any more sense to Joe Strummer than they do to Gaye Advert, yet they swerve and pop like nobody’s business.  In case you hadn’t witnessed their live unit, The Sueves now employ Tim Thomas on drums, known for his endless battery charges in Heavy Times, and his reputation of breaking into everyone’s heart without permission or warning continues here. With Joe Schorgl’s Cleveland origins and Thomas’ Detroit history, the Midwest Rust Belt heritage is finally all locked in place. Just take a second to listen to those beaten-in vocals breaking through that spidery guitar hatchet racket, it’s never been a clearer death toll sounding for mediocrity, and we couldn’t be more excited to rip your head off with another bludgeoning blockbuster from The Sueves. Edition of 400 copies with download.