This Weeks New Arrivals – June 27th

We got tons of great new and used records this week.  Here’s a few New Arrivals we are real excited about:


shitS.H.I.T. – Complete S.H.I.T. LP
It could have been Total Shit, Utter Shit, All Shit or any other number of puns but you lucky fuckers get Complete Shit – the 21 track round up of everything these Toronto Shitters have committed to 7” Vinyl and tape from 2014 to 2016 on Static Shock Records, Iron Lung, Lengua Armada Discos and La Vida Es Un Mus. S.H.I.T. came from the womb fully formed with a stunning Demo in 2012 (included here) but that was no surprise as within their ranks are ex-members of Violent Future, Urban Blight and Purity Control. Their sound is raging hardcore with stomping drums, dirty guitar work with and vocals drenched in reverb. I know you’ve heard that all before, but the trick is that S.H.I.T. write songs that stick in your head, and have Jonah Falco doing production.These tracks are too good to be lost on sold out 7”s.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #170)




kneltroteKNELT ROTE – Alterity LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions hereby presents “Alterity,” Knelt Rote’s fourth album and one that continues along the same trajectory established by the previous sequence of recordings. The devastation wrought by the incessant percussive barrage and grinding guitars on “Alterity” is matched by the dark introspection into the human condition that it endeavors to navigate.  (Nuclear War Now Records #364)







spiritualcrampSPIRITUAL CRAMP – Police State 7”
Spiritual Cramp exist in a strange vacuum somewhere between David Byrnes oversized suit and a bar fight between a bunch of drunk goons on Polk Street in San Francisco. Citing sources from early Dub influenced Clash, Blitz and The Modern Lovers – San Francisco California’s Spiritual Cramps new EP “Police State” picks up a where their last EP Mass Hysteria left off, just a bit more torqued. Hate for the police, the government, the status quo and himself are reoccurring themes in Michael Bingham’s lyrics while toxic bass tones go heavy with solid drums and guitars on the full upstroke or full downstroke depending on which way the wind is blowing. Spiritual Cramp, it’s over. Spiritual Cramp features ex-members of Creative Adult, Fearing, Profile, and Primal Rite. “Danger, mystery and youthful restlessness have long been vital elements of rock ‘n roll. Spiritual Cramp communicates a state of unease in a seemingly at ease system, shaking things up in a way that only truly impactful art can. Their sound borrows from the past, echoes of late ’70s and early ’80s working-class rock and punk, and functions on the upbeat showcasing very bright guitars yet generating darker vocal rhythms and darker patterning.”  (Deranged Records #314)







noproblemNO PROBLEM – Let God Sort ‘Em Out LP
Standing on the precipice of a damaged world circling the drain Edmonton Punks No Problem are set to figuratively “kill’em all” with the release of Let God Sort’em Out, their ambitious third studio album out on Deranged Records.  No Problem welcomes listeners into a frightening world filled with heavy riffs and nervous, gloomy, frustrated sounds. The perfect summer playlist to underscore our impending doom.  A mainstay in Edmonton Alberta’s underground punk community, No Problem formed in 2010, blending the mutant sounds of early Canadian punk with the classic primitive stomp of American hardcore. Drenched in atmosphere No Problem have created the ultimate soundtrack to society’s impending doom. No Problem’s notorious high energy show has toured over twenty countries across three continents, sharing the stage with bands like Career Suicide, Fucked UP, DOA, Night Birds, Red Dons, The Regulations and many more. With three studio albums and over four 7”/EPs, No Problem are one of Canada’s top DIY exports.  (Deranged Records #311)




tarantulaTARANTÜLA – The Very Best Of Sex And Violence 7”
The very best of sex and violence is the third vinyl installment from Chicago’s TARANTÜLA with 5 new glorious hardcore punk tracks. For those unfamiliar, TARANTÜLA is the reincarnation of CÜLO and they play an intoxicating blend of classic punk and meat & potato hardcore.  “While one might consider the idea of catchy, song-oriented hardcore to be completely played out, Tarantula toe the line between poppy and aggressive so perfectly that their music feels fresh. You can hear the influences quite clearly—the snotty, aggressive punk of bands like the Angry Samoans and Zero Boys, the earnest drive of early 80s midwest hardcore like Articles of Faith and early Husker Du, and a dash of Devo / Geza X-style irreverence—but they’re swirled together in a way that’s just different enough from anything I’ve heard before to be noteworthy.” From Daniel/Sorry State.  Art from DrugFace as per usual. Mastered by Geza X (DK, Germs, Black Flag).  (Deranged Records #313)





damagersDAMAGERS – s/t 7”
New Toronto band of familiar faces playing rough and ready HC punk indebted to early to mid eighties international hardcode not far from what would have bene on ‘Welcom to 1984” and/or “All’s Quiet on the Western Front”.  Empty, ugly, loud and fast. Live for no one, love for everyone.  (Deranged Records #312)








spineSPINE – Faith LP
Kansas City, MO’s Spine returns with their second full-length album, “Faith.” Spine continues seamlessly blending the sounds of NYHC a la Youth Of Today, Cro-Mags, and Agnostic Front with the whiplash speed and intensity of bands like Infest and Siege. With multiple EPs and a full-length record already under their belt, these nine brand-new songs are Spine’s hardest and most focused material to date. LP includes digital download.  (Bridge Nine Records #255)








droidsDROIDZ – Strange World Strange Years LP
Sam and Chany from Inepsy + Sharavan from Aghast new project!  Don’t expect the usual overdose of raw punk noise and rock’n’roll this is a new wave / post punk record!  If you’re into Lords Of The New Church, Bauhaus and Death Cult, this record is for you.  If you think three of the strongest personalities in the noise, d-beat, rock’n’roll and crust panorama are behind the curtains of this band, you won’t believe your ears. Available in 500 copies on green vinyl.  (Agipunk Records #115)




boundBOUND – Lost Songs 7”
During the early to mid ‘90s, an ample scene of hardcore freaks and fresh townie skids flourished among the crumbling bricks of the former celluloid comb capital of the country. With its toxic ruins of paper mills, and the poisonous footprint of a shuttered Foster Grant plant, the long-passed-its-prime repression of north-central Massachusetts’ “Twin Cities” (Fitchburg and Leominster [area]) didn’t offer a lot of opportunity for kids, especially teenagers, to stay out of trouble—and to be real, to stay alive. As much as the corridors of the Searstown Mall, the curbs behind Loewes Theatre, and the late night tables at Denny’s played a significant role in nourishing and occupying the TCHCs, to many, no spot was more important than the one block stretch of Main Street Fitchburg that housed Allan Esper’s Club 490. On many a night, just down the steps below the club’s neon sign (which still hangs frozen in place, 24 years after the final show), hordes of go-nowhere-kids of all ages could be found slamming around and taking the stage in bands like DIVE, SCATTERED REMNANTS, FIT FOR ABUSE, OPPOSITION, ENTROPY, OVERCAST, CONVERGE, BOUND/HATCHETFACE, and a mile-long list of local and national hardcore punk, and metal bands of the era.  For the statisticians, members of BOUND were also active in FIT FOR ABUSE, ENTROPY, DIVE, GET HIGH, and another band that you’ve definitely heard of. Pressing of 250 copies, all on black.  (Warthog Speak Records #24)




healerHEALER/DJ EONS – split 7”
A heady, not-so-obvious-until-you-hear-it tag team of blast-and-chill from a couple Bay Area rippers splitting a titanic, future-classic two-sider. One side spins out the sample-laden, blink-and-you-missed it, 2017 demo of ripping-tearing-and-slashing grind-violence from HEALER. Originally limited to 50 copies on cassette, this material needed a wider physical audience. Fuck with HEALER if you dig EXCRUCIATING TERROR, CROSSED OUT, prime era West Bay cartel groups, and that whole thing. Over on the opposite side of this black and waxy platter, three cuts of spooky, instrumental gloom-groove, hip-hop-doom, beat-butchery is roached off the hands of almighty DJ Eons (aka Kung Fu Dan, aka Dan Lactose), teamed up with PLUTO / REDACTED / AGENTS’ Frankobadanko, and Andres Wade from GOD’S AMERICA. This record dusts it. Period. Pressing of 250, all on black.  (Warthog Speak Records #30)




doaDOA – Fight Back LP

D.O.A., Canada’s legendary pioneering punks who set the bar high for punk and basically invented hardcore, are ready to rip it up on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. They have a brand new album: Fight Back, and they are embarking on a worldwide tour to support this impressive new effort, taking on all opposition and laying down a punk rock path of wild music and free thought. Their rough and ready line up is led by the godfather of hardcore, Joe Shithead Keithley (guitar, vocals), and he is more than ably accompanied by the manic rhythm section of Paddy Duddy (drums) and Corkscrew (bass). Early reviews are saying that this album is the most innovative the band has done since War On 45. Released on Keithley’s own label Sudden Death, this is a scathing and timely piece. dealing with all manner of unseemly low characters and issues. The album opens with acerbic “You Need an Ass Kickin’ Right Now,” then rips right into the startling “Killer Cops,” then smashes into the anthemic “Time To Fight Back,” which is street punk resistance at its fiercest. The band rips through the timely “Gonna Set You Straight” with violent and natural ease, same goes with the vitriolic “Just Got Back From the USA.” The album takes a funny twist with “We Won’t Drink This Piss” (down with bad corporate beer!) and “You Can’t Stop Me,” where Keithley delves into the character of Slapshot’s playing coach Reggie Dunlop, a natural alter ego perhaps!




proudparentsPROUD PARENTS – Self Titled LP

Starting in Madison, WI, as the musical culmination of a decade of friendship and playing in punk bands, Claire Nelson-Lifson and Tyler Fassnacht (Fire Heads) began writing the first of Proud Parent’s jangly, garage-infused pop tunes in Nelson-Lifson’s living room. Shortly thereafter Heather Sawyer (The Hussy) joined on drums and vocals, turning the songwriting duo into a trio, and they quickly garnered a devout following both locally and regionally, and gained a reputation throughout the midwest as a live power-pop force to be reckoned with. Now a full fledged four piece, with Maggie Denman on bass, the band has established its own unique dynamic with three lead singers whose voices and songwriting stand strong individually, yet blend together with such comfort and ease that it is hard to imagine them apart. After two live tapes and a full length cassette, the band is ready with their first self-titled album on Dirtnap Records. This record also marks the first release in eighteen years by a band from the label’s hometown of Madison, WI. The album begins and ends with a bang through a dozen tightly wound tunes full of infectious, harmony ladened choruses, ripping guitar solos and hooks for days. The three singers converse, support, and share vocal duties like passing around a bag of Halloween candy. Recorded and mixed by Bobby Hussy (The Hussy, Cave Curse, Fire Heads) at his own Hex Empire, it is about self-reflection, jumping from saccharine adoration to heartfelt confession, isolation, anxiety, loss and moving on.




dartsTHE DARTS – Subsonic Dream / Bullet

THE DARTS (US) are an all-grrrrl garage-psych-rock supergroup that calls both Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ home! Featuring Nicole Laurenne (The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero), Rikki Styxx (The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, Thee Outta Sites), Christina Nunez (The Love Me Nots, Casual Encounters, The Madcaps), and Michelle Balderrama (Brainspoon).  The band formed in early 2016, quickly becoming a well-seasoned touring powerhouse with multiple US and European tours already under their belt. Having already built a devoted fanbase around the globe, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  This new 7” is the first release since their 2017 debut full length, “Me. Ow.” and both “Subsonic Dream” and “Bullet” were selected for this release by THE DARTS (US) and JELLO BIAFRA to give established fans of THE DARTS (US) a great taste of what’s to come from the band, and new fans a fantastic introduction that will only leave them wanting more.




slapshotSLAPSHOT – Make America Hate Again LP
Boston hardcore legends Slapshot return with their latest album “Make America Hate Again.” An institution in hardcore punk since 1985, Slapshot is still writing music as urgent and relevant as ever. Thirty-plus years later, Choke and company are still pissed off and evoke the same aggression that gave Slapshot their notorious reputation they have today. Vinyl version includes digital download.  (Bridge Nine Records #253)




proletariatTHE PROLETARIAT – The Murder Of Alton Sterling 7”
In the fall of 2016, after a 33-year hiatus, The Proletariat decided to reunite to celebrate the re-release of their groundbreaking record “Soma Holiday.” The shows went so well that the band decided to play more shows and write new music. They recorded two songs for an EP entitled “The Murder Of Alton Sterling.” 7″ includes digital download.  (Bridge Nine Records #254)





alienationALIENATION – Bitter Reality 7”
Bitter Reality, the third vinyl psalm in the ALIENATION gospel is a harsher, faster, and more abrasive yoke than the Halifax bad bois have yet to strap into. Eleven tracks of raw-skinned, breakneck, stop-n-go thrashing exhaustion with the hooks hidden a little deeper than on previous outings, resulting in a much deeper wound when the sharpest blades of quality riffage tear out of the screaming, steady darkness of this hellish blaze. It’s bands like this and NOSFERATU that really keep modern hardcore exciting. Thrash til fuckin’ death. Pressing of 250 copies, all on black.  (Warthog Speak Records #32)









fuckedupFUCKED UP – High Rise 7″
Fucked Up celebrates Dreamsday this June 15 with the release of this limited 2 song 45, including a cover of the classic “High Rise” by The Train Spotters.  “Be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise.”  Tracklist: A. High Rise and B. Tower on Time. (Tank Crimes Records #112)









A trip through the productions of pioneering genius Joe Meek. Here we have a mix of hits that have appeared on comps before and real out there obscurities. Designed to be highly listenable. Never a dull moment amongst these songs that cover subjects close to Joes’ heart such as Vampires, Love (and the lack of it), Death, Outer space, the Human soul, Buddy Holly, and more. Artists featured are The Blue Rondos, The Blue Men, Jason Eddie and the Centremen, The Sound Offs, The Moontrekkers, Johnny Leyton, The Cryin’ Shames, Mike Berry, The Outlaws, Chick Lewis, Glenda Collins and even Joe himself warbling out a tune. One time very small pressing so please don’t sleep.




syndrome81SYNDROME 81 – Beton Nostalgie LP
“Beton Nostalgie” is a collection of songs released on various EP and split records.  18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. It is coming in a gatefold jackets with awesome drawing by All Cats Are Grey France’s Syndrome 81 started gaining momentum in the Punk scene with their 2013 demo tape, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French Oi sound of the 1980s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. The band has progressed since then, and the sound is more diverse but also more defined, having filed off some of the American influences and moved in a darker, distinctly French direction that is both melancholy and anthemic, with lyrics being influenced by growing up in Brest, France. The band comes from this dark place and write songs about their personal struggles growing up and growing old. These are songs about watching your friends lose sight and move on while you question why you are still here, haunted by your past and having to look your former self in the eye while you apologize for who you’ve become. These are songs about trudging through a desert you built yourself.  (Black Water Records #70)