This Week’s New Arrivals – June 13th

We got in a ton of great New Records this week!!!!

shannonSHANNON SHAW – Shannon In Nashville LP

2018 release. Shannon Shaw, the captivating vocalist, bassist, and founder of Shannon & the Clams, strikes out on her own for her first solo album, Shannon In Nashville. Produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach at his Nashville studio, Easy Eye Sound, the album features a cast of revered old-school session musicians which have breathed life into notable records by Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, and John Prine, to name just a few. The album evokes the tear-jerking intonations of Brenda Lee and Patsy Cline and exudes a self-possessed melancholy that sets the scene for Shaw to comb through a personal history of love lost to time, circumstance, fear or neglect.





ruletarusaRULETA RUSA – Viviendo Una Maldicion LP
It’s been nearly five years since Ruleta Rusa released Aqui No Es, their debut LP for Sorry State, but if you think they’ve slowed, mellowed, or otherwise slipped off their game you are sorely mistaken. If anything, they’re harder, faster, and punker on Viviendo Una Maldicion than they were on Aqui No Es, as perfectly exhibited on Viviendo’s furious opening track, “No Hay Paz.” Elsewhere on the album you get a similar mixture of classic Spanish punk, US hardcore, and second-wave UK punk that you heard on the band’s previous releases, but everything feels a little more direct and a little rougher around the edges. Oh, and dig the show-stopping pair of Paralisis Permanente covers that close the album! In a word, Ruleta Rusa have gotten better… the tougher parts are tougher, the catchy parts are catchier, and they’ve delivered what is (to date, at least) the crowning achievement of their discography.  (Sorry State Records #87)




nandasNANDAS – 2nd s/t 7”
Dark and ominous, Nandas hails from the black forest between Nog Watt’s Holland and the Denmark of the Electric Deads. Strange, driving, pulsating, yet all without a drop of “arty”-ness, Nandas bends jagged, undeniable melodies over a fever pitch of primal, tom-heavy drums as anxious, breathy vocals echo against it all. Melodically and rhythmically eerie in ways Bedboys or Rudimentary Peni might applaud from afar. A near untraceable but astronomical progression from their previous releases—consider this EP a full interior renovation of Nandas’ own sound.  (Toxic State Records #31)





fuckonthebeachFUCK ON THE BEACH/TERLARANG – split LP
Fuck On The Beach: If you don’t know what to expect here I can’t really help, this is brutal, lightspeed clattering blasts, razorwire treble drenched guitar and whirling layered screaming at it’s finest. Plenty of ear splitting distortion, feedback, mics peaking and everything way too loud in the best way. This is fun loving fastcore powervioelce from Japan which I’m pretty sure even has a ‘clap-track’ on the self titled outro track. Fucking excelent. This side of the split is primarily hyper fast d-beats with the odd blast thrown in, so is sonically the inverse of the Terlarang side. For fants of Japanese style everything faster and louder style grindviolence.  Terlarang : Lo-fi to the point of incomprehensibility this side of the split goes even further down the slopes of  treble-valley than Fuck On The Beach, sounding like the guitars are physically tearing the speaker cones from the amp and the rest of the band are trying frantically to hold them back in. Everything here is fast, no slow at all on this side. Maybe one or two slightly slower than lightspeed d-beat smashers floating about in there but this is really all about the pace. The fast as fuck and don’t care nature is epitomised by the cats on the split cover and the last track basically sounding like black metal but being called ‘Stop The Hate’ in what seems to be a conscious rejection of the bullshit ideals of traditional NSBM. Nice.  (Here And Now Records #57)



mercyswedishMERCY – Swedish Metal/Session 1981 LP
In 1982, Mercy released its first vinyl record, a 12” MLP boldly titled “Swedish Metal.” The five tracks on “Swedish Metal” are primal and impassioned; vigorous, raw Heavy Metal without refinement or finesse. Among the many phenomenal contemporaneous records released in Sweden around that time, “Swedish Metal” clearly stands out. This reissue marks the first time that this seminal recording has been made available on vinyl in over 35 years. Additionally, this reissue includes as bonus material the Session 1981 tracks. (Nuclear War Now Records #388)





mercystMERCY – s/t LP
Compared with the feral, street-fight sound of the “Swedish Metal” MLP, “Mercy” represented a more polished effort by the band. With the self-titled debut, Mercy firmly established itself as a major force in the Swedish Heavy Metal scene. It would prove to be the last Mercy recording to feature the classic Heavy Metal era lineup, however. By the time of the 1985 follow-up, “Witchburner,” Valjaca and Marcolin would reconstitute the band and enter into darker and doomier territory. This faithful reissue of Mercy’s legendary self-titled debut is the first vinyl edition since the original. (Nuclear War Now Records #389)






mercy1983MERCY – Sessions 1983 to 1986 LP
The final installment of this three-volume tribute to Mercy is a collection of rare tracks, most of which have never before been released on vinyl. Showcased on side A of the LP are the Session 1983 tracks recorded just prior to the recruitment of Eddie “Messiah” Marcolin on vocals. These demo recordings are unbridled, stripped down, and forceful. This Heavy Metal-era lineup is often overshadowed by the subsequent Doom-era, largely because of Marcolin’s later fame with Candlemass, but in the context of FWOSHM, the Mercy recordings are legendary. The second side of this LP features Marcolin’s last session with Mercy. This reissue marks the first time these tracks have been presented in a standard vinyl edition. In addition, the sound has been improved for this release. Although “Bangers of Destruction” was previously remastered for a compilation (which never actually came out), the sound quality of “Black Death” remained poor. NWN! had the track remastered especially for this edition to reduce the distortion and other elements that previously compromised the integrity of the recording.  (Nuclear War Now Records #390)




genpop2GEN POP – II 7”
First proper EP from Olympia’s GEN POP following an excellent demo that was pressed to vinyl by Lumpy and Upset The Rhythm. 6 tracks of forward-thinking, angular, and dynamic hardcore punk. GEN POP has a striking originality, which will certainly appeal to anyone following the burgeoning Olympia scene (including VEXX and RIK & THE PIGS, with whom GEN POP share members). Recorded with Capt. Tripps at the famed High Command Studios (MILK MUSIC, GUN OUTFIT, SEX/VID) and cut directly from tape. GEN POP have given us a strikingly powerful and memorable EP with “II”, a well-rounded, yet firmly contemporary and creative effort. Packaged in a textured glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert. (Feel It Records#18)






firestarterstFIRESTARTER – Self Titled LP

“In Japan’s vast and varied punk rock world, few legends loom larger than FIRESTARTER. Having emerged from the debris of the mighty TEENGENERATE, Firestarter was launched with spectacular motivations, free to operate away from the constraints of scum-fi production and GaragePunk™ scuzz, the omnipresent trends of the preceding decade. The band’s creative nucleus, warrior brothers FIFI and FINK, joined (again) by bassist SAMMY and drummer JIMBO (of those wild TITANS), moved far beyond break-neck abandon, crafting masterful punk and power-pop, epic in scope and sound, devout to the absolute truest spirit of Rock’N’Roll. To celebrate the bands 20th anniversary Secret Mission Records has FINALLY unleashed both of Firestarter’s classic albums for US consumption, each remastered by JEFF BURKE and MARK RYAN (of THE MARKED MEN) and completely repackaged. Just as Teengenerate’s recklessness and know-how would come to lead their peer group, Firestarter’s 2000 debut self-titled album would seismically alter the course for their scene’s compatriots as well. Their augmented brand of power-pop, synthesizing US and UK varietals provides the distinct drive that carries their sound.”—Mitch Cardwell. Edition of 300 copies.




firestarterlivinFIRESTARTER – Living On the Heat LP

Firestarter’s sophomore stunner from 2003, processes a grandeur that somehow surpasses their debut. The album is more daring, with the band taking more chances, resulting in a brilliant and inimitable hybrid of punk and power-pop. Beginning with a sweeping call to arms in “The Beat Goes On”, Livin’ On The Heat comes across as the band’s true statement of purpose, their love letter to Rock’n’Roll itself.”—Mitch Cardwell. Edition of 300 copies.








getupkidsGET UP KIDS – Kicker LP

On the strength of five records (including seminal debut Four Minute Mile and bona fide classic Something to Write Home About), THE GET UP KIDS have toured the world over and sold more than a million albums. The Midwestern five-piece defined a genre and inspired a generation of musicians in their wake. With Kicker, the band triumphantly returns to form after a brief hiatus with four new songs, an extensive line-up of shows, and plans to release a much anticipated full-length album next year. LP pressed on 180-gram pink vinyl. Both formats include a download.







moronsmoronsMORON’S MORONS – Indecent Exposure 7″

Slovenly Recordings welcomes Poland’s prime purveyors of pierogi punk MORON’S MORONS to our putrid populace. This is their first release after 2017’s self-titled debut on the UK’s No Front Teeth Records. It’s called Indecent Exposure and it’s just the kind of hot mess we cream over: sloppy, unpolished shit rock, distorted to the max, and faster than lubed moose manure with barely intelligible vocals that we’re keen to judge based on song titles like “Vibrator Violator,” and the obvious FM radio smash hit of the bunch, “Devil Sucks My Cock and Swallows.” An artistic triumph in every sense that we aren’t likely to witness again, or at least until the release of the upcoming 7” by Puppy and the Hand Jobs!






pinapplePINEAPPLE RNR – Self Titled 7″

Debut EP from this fresh St Louis act. Feels like upbeat jangley sax punk a la Kleenex Essential Logic with a mystical swampy twist. Here is A statement from the band: “STL’s friskiest get revenge on a Christian graffiti artist by way of crisp dada pop.”








traumaharnessTRAUMA HARNESS – Organ Donor 7″

Saint Louis’s champion New Wave/Post Punk group returns with their best record yet. Gushing synth pop on the A side and a flip side Dragon Ball Z cover that sounds like Pet Shop Boys. No posturing here.









buriedcountryCOMPILATION – Buried Country LP

Compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music. When we say country, it is a broader category than you might imagine. This LP contains all kinds of sounds. The cosmic organ driven dream song of BLACK ALLAN BARKER, the droney intensely political GLARARRWUY YUNUPINGU, the straight up rocking WARUMPI BAND, the ballad singing of MAISIE KELLY, the down home pop of BOBBY MCLEOD and much much more. A diverse cross section of Aboriginal “country”. All of this material has never been reissued on vinyl before. Political and powerful songs from communities throughout Australia. This is a truly unique LP. Comes with extensive liner notes and photos. A co-release with our friends Flipping Yeah Records.






lookingbackCOMPILATION – Looking Back LP

Compilation of SAM COOKE’s great production work for his independent SAR label. SAR Records was founded by Sam Cooke and JW ALEXANDER in 1959 and closed in 1965, shortly after Sam passing away.. Nobody knows knows what “SAR” stood for. Sam kept that secret and died with it. They had one employee—ZELDA SAMUELS. She wrote songs, handled all publishing and distribution and ran the office more or less solo. Their office was just two desks and a piano in a tiny room. SAR records was the kind of small family affair that Stax was in it’s early years and Motown pretended to be. The label produced both Gospel and secular recordings, all with the odd distinction of sounding almost like Sam Cooke. SAR co-founder J.W. Alexander explains:the goals of the label as such: “We wanted to give young black artists the benefit of as good a production as they could get with a major company. We used the top studios. We didn’t short-cut. We never thought of it as a training ground. We thought of it as an opportunity to contribute something back to the community.” This compilation features Gospel side by side with soul and R&B songs. Classics by RH HARRIS, THE SIMMS TWINS, THE WOMACK BROTHERS, THE VALENTINOS, THE SOUL STIRRERS and more. Old school “tip on” cover and a classy black inner sleeve. One time limited pressing.



notrendNO TREND – You Deserve Your Life LP

In 1983, NO TREND booked time at Inner Ear studio to record material for what would become the “Teen Love” 7”. In this session they also recorded 6 additional songs: some were re-recorded and featured on their first album, Too Many Humans; the rest never saw a release until well after the band was finished. After the recording session the band embarked on their first tour across the U.S., a punishing experience which resulted in drummer MICHAEL SALKIND quitting the band. He recounts: “I received 25 copies of the EP as my divorce settlement, and went on to play in a variety of bands in and around the DC area. None of them ever attained the status of No Trend, nor did I ever lose as much money and dignity.” This record, You Deserve Your Life, contains the earliest recorded iteration of No Trend’s material from their first Inner Ear session, and two live songs never recorded otherwise. This is the first time that this material has been available on vinyl.