This weeks New Arrivals – January 24th

Lots of awesome records have come into Thrillhouse in the last few weeks.  Here’s just some of our favorites:



bausBAUS – Songs To Snake To LP

Digital Regress is thrilled to be releasing the latest effort from Oakland’s very own BAUS. Their first release in a few years, Songs To Snake To pushes the group forward in their trajectory of perfecting off-kilter no-wave / post-punk completely free of pretension. Recommended for fans of Mars, Kleenex, and The Slits. Limited pressing of 300 copies









plutocracyPLUTOCRACY – Civilized…? LP




A collection of out-of-print EPs, splits, compilation and unreleased tracks from one of the genre’s premier bludgeon squads circa 1989-1992-ish 19 tracks pressed on 180-gram black vinyl. Includes and 11″x11” insert with artwork/lyrics, and a postcard.







heavymetalHEAVY METAL – Too oz 4 7”

HEAVY METAL once proclaimed themselves too sick for Total Punk. Well we must have upped our sick quotient because they handed us this 4 track 7″ EP! Following three of the most essential punk albums of the last few years, they are back with this brand new EP and a clear indicator that they have yet to hit cruising altitude. From the Adderal freakout needle jumper ‘Underground Agent’ to the club thumpin punk bumper ‘Schweinebastard’ this record is an absolute scorcher. The only thing I love more than heavy metal is HEAVY METAL! Chaotic, spastic, and 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.








brutalbirthdayBRUTAL BIRTHDAY – Self Titled 7”

Following a split 7″ with Tropical Trash, BRUTAL BIRTHDAY is back with their first solo outing. Worse than turning 21 on 9/11 or sharing a birthday with Jesus, Italy’s BB give is three tracks sewer scraping nastiness that put your worst birthday memories to shame. Shitadelic noise punk that is vile, scuzzy, and 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.










amylAMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Some Mutts 7”

A new single in advance of a new full-length coming early 2019 from these Melbourne faves. Two tracks of punked-out, scuzzed-up, grimy pub rock action.











vileVILE – Vile Says Fuck Off! 7”Vile were outsiders to an insular scene: kids from the Boston suburbs who decided to gain attention the easy way, by pissing people off. Their most legendary gig featured them opening for the Angelic Upstarts and Jerry’s Kids in May of 1982 at Boston’s legendary Channel club, in which they insulted the audience, made off-color remarks, and allegedly threw a mic stand into the crowd. Following the gig, there was a lot of local controversy in zines and local publications about their set, to which the band responded by placing a half page ad in Boston Rock magazine that simply said, “VILE SAYS FUCK OFF!” The band played just a handful of other shows, and left behind the notoriously rare, self-financed “Solution” LP. The three songs contained on this 7″ were recorded during the LP sessions: “Overload” being previously unreleased, and “Definitions” and “5 To 10” being alternate versions to the LP cuts. These tracks are simple, raw, energetic, and pissed off hardcore songs made by alienated kids.  (Radio Rahem Records #26)







Reign Of TerrorREIGN OF TERROR – Don’t Blame Me 7”

Formed in Los Angeles in 1983, Reign Of Terror was a bit of an anomaly within the greater LA punk scene — they declared themselves “Modern Metal” and played a punk/metal hybrid that wouldn’t dominate the landscape until much later. Led by singer/guitar player Ed Danky (ex-Würm), with support from bassist Jesse Fixx (ex-Stains), and a young Japanese punk named David Ishiki on drums, the band played just a handful of gigs and left behind one incredibly rare 7” single and a track on Mystic’s “It Came From Slimey Valley” compilation LP. Perplexing punk and metal collectors alike (and decimating their wallets) for the past 35 years, Radio Raheem and Meat House Productions are extremely proud to present an official reissue of all known recorded material by Reign Of Terror. Unfortunately all three band members have since let this mortal coil, but with the help of SST/Black Flag’s Chuck Dukowski, and surviving family members, the single has been remastered and repackaged with unpublished visual material.  (Radio Rahem Records #6)






RashomonRASHŌMON – Pathogen X LP (with download)

The perfect melding of two timeless facets of punk, the honest forward thinking DC style hardcore of Faith/Void split (yes, both sides) with total Deathside style anthemic hardcore. Both are furious and immediate and work together in perfect harmony here without really sounding like either exactly. New, important music is made this way. RASHŌMON has had their share of setbacks with immigration, mental health, modern American life in general… and that urgency and frustration is reflected here crystal clear. 500 copies of 150 gram black vinyl with an etched B-side are housed in a beautiful 24 pt jacket along with an insert and a download card. Recorded by the band in DC. Mastered by Golden. Art by Kohei.  (Iron Lung Records #125)






forraFORRA – Mostrame lo Peor 7”

The debut 6-track EP from FORRA is absolute chaos, destruction and rage. FORRA play primitive hardcore punk with a classic 80’s South American twist that would have sat perfectly on any of the four early 80’s worldwide compilation tapes Xcentric Noise released or on a split tape with THE NIXE or COCADICTOS. Each track sounds like it could fall apart at any moment but the intensity and passion drives it to a conclusion. Sounding effortlessly punk, the band formed in London and is made up of members from Argentina, Catalonia, The Canaries and Mexico. Limited to 330 copies and recorded by Jonah Falco, this recording may end up as the band’s only release. The Mostrame lo Peor pocket sleeve is flimsy and hand-assembled. The record comes with a postcard addressed to British Home Office, so you can share your views on their shitty immigration policies. All the proceeds from the record will be given to The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) a London based human rights, feminist organisation run for Latin American women, and 100% run by Latin American women.  (La Visa Es Un Mus #181)





Fuerza BrutaFUERZA BRUTA – Somos el Mal 7″

As the seas of modern Oi! music are diluted into an unrecognizably sad swamp of vapid, overproduced, pop punk nonsense, it is glaringly obvious when the good stuff appears – in context, as well as sound – and for my money (literally), Chicago’s FUERZA BRUTA is the top of the heap. Their 12″ from last year, “Verdugo,” was the best record of 2017 for many people, myself included – made apparent by the initial press as well as two subsequent represses fully selling out in just one year. F.B.’s brand of hard-as-stone Spanish language skinhead anthems – of, by, and for undesirables, immigrants, skins & punks – is anchored firmly by hard, muscular riffs, and choral chants, with chiming guitar leads at every turn.  (Warthog Speak Records #33)






tozcosTOZCOS – Suenos Deceptivos LP (repressed!)

I liked Tozcos’ previous 7” quite a bit, but this LP is even better, an explosive yet intricately crafted and precisely performed slab of punk rage. Tozcos are really fast and really tight, and while you can hear a little bit of Discharge influence in their riffing, the songs have more of a put-together, borderline pop kind of structure, and some riffs even get ever so slightly melodic. In terms of contemporary punk Vaaska is a really obvious reference point (though Tozcos don’t have the over-the-top guitar solos), but it probably makes more sense to dig into to the deeper / older influences. Basically, Tozcos sound like lightning-fast UK82 punk, like the fastest and best songs by the Exploited or Vice Squad, but even more like the first- and second-gen European hardcore bands influenced by those groups… everything from Lama to Svart Framtid to Malinheads. Sueños Deceptivos is pretty much perfectly produced and the band sounds like they’re laying into every single note that they play. If you like your hardcore punk free of flash and pretension, but still 100% raging, this should be at the top of your “to buy” list. (Verdugo Discos #18)





Witches Hammer1WITCHES HAMMER – Canadian Speed Metal LP

Formed in 1982 by a thirteen-year-old Marco Banco aka Traditional Sodomizer of Blasphemy (guitars) and Alan Goddard (bass) under the original moniker of Oblivion, Witches Hammer was in fact the first extreme metal band to emerge from the Vancouver area. In 1985, Witches Hammer recorded its first, self-titled demo at the famed Fiasco Bros. Studio (more widely known as the site of Blasphemy’s most legendary recordings, Witches Hammer was the first extreme metal band to utilize the studio). The following year, the band returned to the very same studio to record a second demo simply titled “Demo 87” in reference to the year of its release. “Demo 87” included five new tracks in addition to a re-recording of “Gorgon,” which also originally appeared on the first demo. This second recording also featured more complex songwriting, clearer production, and improved instrumentation in comparison to the first.  Canadian Speed Metal is a compilation of both of these legendary demos from the 80’s. (Nuclear War Now Records #12)






Witches Hammer2WITCHES HAMMER – Stretching Into Infinity LP

Following the second demo, a local label by the name of Subversive Productions offered to release a Witches Hammer EP. In 1987 (that same year), Subversive released the record, packaged in a plain white jacket with the photocopied layout glued to front and back, featuring the artwork of Dax Howell. During this time, Witches Hammer gained some exposure and was noticed by, among others, Black Winds from the notorious Blasphemy cult, who later cited the band as a primary inspiration. In 1988, Witches Hammer returned to the studio to record what it had planned to be its debut full-length album. A total of twelve tracks were recorded, including nine tracks that had been previously recorded for prior releases and three brand-new songs. As with the preceding 12” EP, the band once again summoned Dax Howell to provide the cover art, which was also used for a t-shirt design. As fate would have it, however, the album was never released as originally intended, and these would prove to be the last songs recorded before the band members went their separate ways over the next couple of years. Fortunately, Nuclear War Now! unearthed the tracks from the unreleased album and released them along with those from the 12” EP in a collection entitled “Stretching into Infinity” in 2005. Thirteen years later, NWN! is proud to offer a repress of this compilation, once again on 12” vinyl format.  (Nuclear War Now Records #36)






butcherBUTCHER – Return To Nothingness LP

Second full length from this international punk powerhouse featuring Jack Control (World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State) Souichi Hisatake (Forward, Gudon) and others.  This second record takes the sound they crafted on the first LP and ramps up the power, tempo, and raw punk aggression. Artwork by Tomohiro Matsuda. (Desolate Records #10)









torsoTORSO – Build And Break 7″ (color vinyl)

Torso is armed with a powerful punk and hardcore sound with influences as geographically diverse as its members. Lyrically, Torso does not rely on any of the hardcore cliches or spew overly simplistic lyrics that carry no real meaning. Instead, the band tackles issues of veganism, politics, mental health, displacement, and feminism at a time when the world needs it the most. 7″ includes digital download. This is the green vinyl version.  (Revelation Records #178)







zoddZODD – Operationally Ready Dead LP

Every genre splinters and flowers out from it’s original starting point and hardcore is no exception, mutating fractally out from its supercharged punk roots, twisting through trends, evolutions and regressions, crashing back in on itself until you end up with an international sprawl of scenes and subscenes, styles within styles, odd misshapen fusions and hellbent worship bands.  If you were looking for a sound that could encapsulate the myriad forms that hardcore takes in 2018 one could do a lot worse than slam a record on by ZODD, who have emerged from the vibrant Singapore punk/hardcore scene in the wake of bands like Vaarallinen, Sial and Lubricant. Operationally Ready Dead have an approach based in a vicious pogo-thump but drawing in elements of hardcore’s various strands, echoing screams ripping painfully through chomping riffs, weird enough for the freakpunx, hard enough for the mosh kids, chaotic and blown out, squealing and stumbling, but never losing it’s dynamism, ten tracks of contemporary anxiety shaped into hardcore anger, apocalyptic angst, psychopaths with uniforms and without, society’s born corrupt, getting darker still. ZODD provide a searing soundtrack to this and more. DYSTOPIAN FUTURE IS NOW.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #172)






tipexTIPEX – s/t LP

Distributed by La Vida Es Un Mus, this self released LP from Spain was on La Vida Es Un Mus’s favorite LPs of 2018.  Self released debut LP by Valencia’s TIPEX. Out of nowhere came this full length who sees a fully formed band on a trip across all things that made punk great. Fresh, sharp, hi energy-low fidelity tunes which stick with you for days. There is something extremely convincing about the humble honestly this band dispatches the thirteen songs on their debut. You can hear rage, despair, boredom and sarcasm played with a fierce solidity and furious conviction. The true sound of decades of punk and hitting your head against a wall on repeat combined. And if the tunes and attitude weren’t enough you have artwork by Teodoro Hernandez to round things up.  (La Vida Es Un Mus/FX#22)





acidwitchACID WITCH – Evil Sound Screamers LP

“Evil Sounds Screamers” is Acid Witch’s massively anticipated third album. Although their catalog is relatively sparse, ACID WITCH should need no introduction. It’s been seven long years since the release of their classic second album, Stoned. That album, released to overwhelming international acclaim by HELLS HEADBANGERS, saw ACID WITCH take the bewitching formula of their Witchtanic Hallucinations debut to greater, more entrancing lengths, swirling about a heady (and headfucking) brew of gutted doom-death riffage and spooky synth embellishments. And most of all, Stoned was as catchy as it was crushing. The attitude and charisma of founders Slasher Dave and Shagrat simply could not be denied: Stoned was simply something special.  (Hells Heabangers Records #227)






Cultes Des GhoulesCULTES DES GHOULES – Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths LP

By now, CULTES DES GHOULES should need no introduction. For the past decade and a half, this mysterious Polish entity has patiently crafted one of the most singular sounds in the black metal underground. Wholly reverential to the genre’s ancient past whilst forging alien terrain all their own, simply, there’s no other band around that sounds like CULTES DES GHOULES.  (Hells Headbangers #240)