This Weeks New Arrivals – April 26th

We got in a ton of awesome records this week.  Here’s a few of our favorites:


crisismanCRISIS MAN – Myth of the 7″

CRISIS MAN return with their 2nd effort, The Myth Of Moderation. Featuring ROSS FARRAR from CEREMONY on vocals and BEN WRIGHT from ACRYLICS / RUTon guitar, this 7″ packs all the energy of early Ceremony perfectly complemented by Ben’s chorused out guitar riffs. An aural display of what living in the bay area feels like, the rent is due, the car doesn’t run anymore, a techie just took the last seat on the crowded BART car. The glass was full to the brim with anxious energy already, but now it’s been knocked on the floor.






clownsCLOWNS – Nature / Nurture LP

Melbourne punks CLOWNS have never been ones to conform. The five-piece started life in 2010 as a more-or-less straightforward hardcore punk act, but over the course of their first three albums—2013’s I’m Not Right, 2015’s Bad Blood and 2017’s Lucid Again—they have steadily evolved and mutated their sound in whatever direction they felt like. It has always been loud but has become more nuanced over the years. The Fat Wreck debut Nature / Nurture continues down this snaking path—it’s 11 songs swerving right and left abruptly, veering from frenetic punk to slower more psychedelic-tinged rock, all while remaining a cohesive amalgamation of their three previous albums. While Nature / Nurture does contain some blistering, bellicose pun, it also has some of the slowest and most experimental songs Clowns have ever recorded. This is punk rock with a difference, that uses traditional facets of that genre as a foundation, but then builds upon that to create something that’s both utterly unique and incredibly exciting. That coupled with their intricate musicianship, clever, incisive lyrics and their phenomenally high energy live shows Clowns are quickly becoming a crowd favorite around the globe.







Texas based elemental dark metal ensemble Dead To A Dying World have completed work on their poignant new epoch, Elegy. Following up 2015’s ambitious Litany, this latest sees the septet take their creative spirit to a new apotheosis, resulting in the collective’s most focused and moving opus yet. The band craft their vast aural landscape with a flourish consisting of seamless sonic textures guided by apocalyptic dark metal, doom, and epic cinematic post rock, consisting of three monolithic central tracks reinforced by three stirring interval segments. Melodic surges thrive throughout the album’s discourse, whether through the more aggressive post-black metal parts or the more melancholic parts. The dual vocal projection of Mike Yeager and Heidi Moore continues to serve as a defining staple, while the band continue to expand their instrumentation, solidified even more through Eva Vonne’s viola which continues to bridge and become a central element, as well as including outer-sound instruments like expanded experimental percussion, hurdy gurdy, hammond organ / piano, and concert bass.  Once again produced by Billy Anderson, this being one of the acclaimed producer’s most riveting productions he’s done in recent times, the band also welcomes back a small cast of guest musicians. Featuring guest appearances by Thor Harris (ex-Swans) on four tracks alone, along with guest vocals by Jarboe (ex-Swans), Dylan Desmond (Bell Witch), and Emil Rapstine (The Angelus), the contributions from the new contingent of guests helps elevate the narrative of Elegy to a new plateau.



protrudersPROTRUDERS – Poison Future LP

“After four self-released cassettes, Montréal’s premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band PROTRUDERS makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefier—some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc. “Fruit Hang” has a perfect mid-70s style garage feel—like a Boston pre-punk band tearin’ it up at the Rat! This could be the hit, kidz! Skronky sax gives “Hydrophytol” a kinda Hawkwind/no-wave feel. And dig “No Stone”—a slower one, catchy as hell—I swear it could pass for an outtake from the Saints circa 1978. Solid—another hit! At five minutes, the title track stretches things out a bit. This one has a definite Ubu/Voidoids vibe—nasty angular spazz-punk with a little more sax blat added. Very nice guitar stuff happening here. We get some weirdo HC action on “Stabilizer” and more hot guitar squiggles. “Tax 101” is maybe a “typical” Protruders song—that means good! “Wrong Way Sign,” pushes things over the six-minute mark, with a strong psych-punk feel (Wipers?) and some totally swell rock-jam stuff at the end. Wow. This record is a significant step for the band and an impressive way to start their vinyl career as they gain the higher visibility they deserve. Most excellent!”—Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)




REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT’s not-at-all accurately titled debut album Greatest Hits ’84 -’87 makes a triumphant return to vinyl after nearly two decades out-of-print! “The solo project of JAMES DEWEES (THE GET UP KIDS, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, COALESCE), Reggie and the Full Effect combine infectious melodies, sappy love songs, good-natured yet offbeat slyness, and comic sensibility like virtually no other “band” before them. Reggie albums are full of skits, hooky pop songs, and chunky guitar playing that appeal to fans of punk rock, emo, and hardcore alike”—AllMusic. Features three songs never released on vinyl. Pressed on green wax.





revengeREVENGE – Four Song 12″- LP

If the original intent of punk rock was to reject the excesses of mainstream rock, strip things back to bare bones basics, jettison slickness and embrace a DIY ethic, then The Revenge were punk rock personified. Formed in 1977 in Cheshunt, London by Lol Hammond (vocals / guitar), Ian Strange (bass / vocals) and Dave Edgar (drums / vocals), these teenagers played most of London’s punk clubs, including the Roxy. The band self-released two singles in 1978 on their own Loony Records before disbanding in 1979. Both 7-inches were pressed in incredibly small amounts and now have legendary status amongst collectors going for ridiculous sums. According to Lol Hammond, “I was totally blown away to learn our second single was changing hands at £400 a pop! We probably recorded it for less!”  The recordings are extremely raw, even by punk standards—particularly on the band’s first single, where the guitar sound is so tough and scuzzy it would not sound out of place on a volume of Back From The Grave. Needless to say, the singles received little press and vanished without a trace. Nowadays Lol Hammond is one of London’s well known DJs who has recorded as Drum Club and Girl Eats Boy, collaborated with Roger Eno, directed film scores and has remixed the likes of Jah Wobble, Killing Joke and The Fall, to name but three. In The Red is proud to issue the first legitimate (these singles have been bootlegged) reissue of The Revenge’s two singles. Sonically restored by William Hayter and masterfully mastered by Mikey Young, these tracks sound better and louder than ever before.



scientistSCIENTISTS – 9H2O.SiO2 LP

The Scientists are the ultimate cult band! Mysterious, undefinable, and yet many quite distinct things to many people. Some blame them for grunge, some think they’re a power pop band, some think they’re experimental. Tav Falco describes them in Ghosts Behind The Sun thus: “Mercurial individuals who’s science is strictly alchemical.” Originating in Perth, Western Australia, in the beginnings of post-punk, they travelled to Sydney, then London, cutting a swathe through the indie scene throughout the 1980s, only to vanish. Sited as a seminal influence by so many —Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mudhoney, Nirvana—the band had to return some time.  In 2018 they returned with two new singles and tours of Australia, Europe and the U.S. (their first time ever in the States!). Now In The Red is proud to announce the release of 9H2O.SiO2—a 12-inch E.P. featuring five brand new originals just in time for the band’s follow up U.S. tour in April. These new tracks prove that the band is still as original, brutal, rocking and scientific as they ever were. This is not to be missed!






wandWAND – Laughing Matter LP

Almost two years on from 2017’s Plum, Californian scrap polymorphs WAND are prepared to launch their fifth, and newest long-playing record, Laughing Matter. By now, Wand is the shifting but unmistakable collaboration between SOFIA ARREGUIN (keys, vocals), CORY HANSON (guitar, vocals), ROBERT CODY (guitar), LEE LANDEY (bass) and EVAN BURROWS (drums). Laughing Matter is marked by the confidence and exuberance of a band that has lived, feuded, thrived and grown together through years of dedicated jamming, touring and recording, across western and eastern states, continents and mind-sets. In this world that insists we must increasingly rely upon ourselves, Wand listen to each other, and this is the sound. Swerving between out-of-focus parable, travel diary, pep talk, polemic, love song, and lullabye, Laughing Matter is a tough and tender album, its eyes on a lot of prizes. Where Plum held the tension of its five band members getting on their feet, the songs on Laughing Matter are concentrated and relaxed, even as they search for the right accusations to hurl at cynics and megalomaniacs.






americansteelAMERICAN STEEL – State of Grace 7″

Oakland, CA based foursome AMERICAN STEEL came to be in 1996, releasing their first self-titled album on New Disorder Records and two subsequent albums, Rogue’s March and Jagged Thoughts on Lookout! Records. From the get-go the band has been no stranger to the road, touring with the likes of Hot Water Music, The Murder City Devils, The Mr. T Experience, and The Lawrence Arms. At the height of their popularity in 2002, the band played what was to be their final show at Berkeley’s 924 Gilman Street. Early in 2007 the American Steel itch resurfaced, resulting in Fat Wreck debut Destroy their Future, followed by Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts in 2009. American Steel is back yet again with their first new music in nearly a decade. State of Grace is quintessential American Steel—penetrating songs, soulful choruses, and smart, constantly progressing guitar work; guided by honest lyrics that melt into irresistible hooks which refuse to leave the listener’s head. The one-two punch that is State of Grace gives fans precisely what they have spent a decade yearning for.




LeathergloveLEATHER GLOVE – Perpetual Animation LP

Renowned American extreme metal sound engineer GREG WILKISON (BRAINOIL, DEATHGRAVE, LAUDANUM, GRAVES AT SEA) owner and founder/operator of the legendary Earhammer Studios in Oakland CA (Noothgrush, Necrot, Autopsy, Vastum, Acephalix, Mortuous, Undergang, countless others) brings you his first ever solo full-length effort under the LEATHER GLOVE moniker. Standing somewhere between the caveman tank-like death metal approach of Coffins and Undergang, and the hallucinogenic sonic derailment of bands like Swans and Zeni Geva, in this debut long player of deviant and shapeshifting death-doom destruction Greg is aided by drummers CHAD GALEY (NECROT, VASTUM, MORTUOUS, ATRAMENT) ad DUSTIN FERRIS (APRAXIC, PLEASURE CROSS, ENGORGED) to unleash thirty minutes of cerebral and disgusting aural mayhem, smashing together death metal, D beat, crust, sludge, doom, and industrial noise to summon a low end monster of deranged experimentalism and of unspeakable heaviness. Ripping guitar solos laid down by bastion Bay Area metal shredders like SEAN MCGRATH (GHOUL, IMPALED), SHELBY LERMO (VASTUM, ULTHAR, EXTREMITY), ERIC CUTLER (AUTOPSY), and DANNY CORRALES (AUTOPSY, ABCESS)round out a debut release of absolutely incinerating intensity.



outcastsOUTCASTS – Tell Me the Whole Story LP

For the first time ever on vinyl as a 2xLP set comes a complete remastered singles collection from the pioneering Belfast punk band. In the mid to late ’70s, the Northern Ireland punk scene was flourishing with bands such as Rudi, Stiff Little Fingers, and Undertones, who were garnering international recognition and record deals. THE OUTCASTS, who formed in 1977, quickly became one of the most notorious of the bunch and took their name from the fact they were banned from five venues in two weeks. Because their early shows were known for being filled with violence, the press had dubbed them “the band you love to hate.” After continuous gigging at the now legendary Harp Bar, they built a loyal and fanatical following that found themselves working with Good Vibrations’ TERRI HOOLEY. This led to further label deals, tours, TV appearances, John Peel sessions, and even peaking on the UK indie charts. In 1982, COLIN COWAN died in a car crash and the future of the band seemed uncertain. Soon after, they decided to carry on, releasing singles and albums on New Rose and Anagram. Unfortunately, by 1985, the band decided to finally split. The Outcasts had no pretensions and, unlike their peers, never sought fame and fortune. Their only hope with this release is to introduce the band and their music to a new generation of listeners and keep the spirit of the Outcasts alive. This collection covers their entire career from 1977-1985. The tracks here are collected and remastered for the first time on vinyl, and come in a gate fold jacket with newly unearthed photos/news clippings, and liner notes for each track, from original member MARTIN COWAN, detailing the history of each track and session, and a poster insert. Limited to 500 copies.




sutekhSUTEKH HEXEN – Sutekh Hexen LP

We’re truly honored to welcome the comeback of US Black Ambient veterans SUTEKH HEXEN. Both defiant and meditative, their latest self-titled full-length and first proper studio album furthers the project’s inquiry into opposition, endurance, and paradox. Both hypnotic and cruel, these ten highly charged tracks transgress yet again any previously imposed boundaries while upholding their raw ethos at its root, and at times defying the listener’s expectations altogether. Though tempestuous as ever, with this work, Sutekh Hexen reaches across thresholds and thrusts longtime listeners into redefined spaces: haunted disorientation, surreal agony, the distress of buried forces surfacing, a revelation of black tongues. Each track is a rite of clandestine horror through a distillation of power-ambient, industrial, and black metal deconstructionism. This is a new era of Sutekh Hexen, and it is a sharpening of their blade, a merciless lucidity.





erodeNOOTHGRUSH – Erode The Person LPx2
A collection of first & early rare, unreleased, out of stock, hard to find recordings from US’ misanthropic doomed Sludge pioneers. Includes new artwork.  Contains two unreleased songs (for the first time on vinyl) plus the re-mastered tracks from the following recordings: split 5” with Suppression, split 7” with Carol Ann, split 7” with Wellington, “Erode the Person 1999 tour” CD, split LP/CD with Corrupted, split 7” with Gasp. Limited to 400 copies worldwide.  (Throne Records #83)







failingNOOTHGRUSH – Failing Early, Failing Often LPx2
A collection of first & early rare, unreleased, out of stock, hard to find recordings from US’ misanthropic doomed Sludge pioneers. Includes new artwork.  Contains re-mastered tracks from obscure compilations, plus the following recordings: split 7” with Agents Of Satan, split 7” with Black Army Jacket, “Embraced by the anti-self” 7”, split 7” with Deadbodieseverywhere, “Kashyyyk” Demo, “8D8” Demo.  Limited to 400 copies worldwide.  (Throne Records #84)







maumausMAU MAUS – Society’s Rejects LP
21 track singles round up from one of the UK`s first wave of Hardcore Punk bands, the Mau Maus. They were formed in Sheffield and in the early 80`s they released a string of hard hitting EP`s on the Pax and Rebellion labels. Including Society’s Rejects, No Concern, Facts Of War and Tear Down The Walls, all of which hit the UK Indie Top 10. This set includes all the tracks from those four singles plus Give Us a Future from the Punk Dead – Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit Compilation on Pax. Each track is a prime example of fury delivered with intensity and passion. The LP comes with a A4 Booklet of lyrics, reviews and archive.  (La Vida Es Un Mus/Sealed Records #3)






hardskinHARD SKIN – We’re the Fucking Mustard Live in Dijon 1983 LP
Hard Skin are amazing whether it’s in the studio, on the street, in the bedroom or live in concert. They are the fucking bees knees. This set recorded in a dirty squat in Dijon in France in 1983 features 17 anthems played in front of a crustie and a dog. You can feel the energy and power of these three South london skinheads – it’s the full meat and only the strong can handle it.  (La Vida Es Un Mus/JT Classics #13)







polopesoPOLO PEPO – San Felipe es Punk 7”
“San Felipe Es Punk” is an anomaly in the history of punk. Overlooked at the time it was released by the international scene, this object contains the essence of Mexican underground rock in a couple of songs. We are not talking the fast, urgent and political hardcore punk most people think of when Mexico pops up in a conversation. This is different, this is what people with no relation to worldwide tape trading or specialized zines thought was punk. Polo Pepo came from the 60s hippie movement, survived the government repression of the youth during the 70’s and 80s, and finally found in punk the true spirit of rock and roll. Embracing punk, he developed a unique sound with all the limitations an inhabitant of a third world country had. The songs don’t talk about imminent nuclear war or Reaganomics. Instead “San Felipe Es Punk” is an ode to a poor neighbourhood in North DF where a strong music scene flourished alongside gang violence, alcoholism and drug addiction.  Self-released in 1988 by Polo Pepo and Merced Belén Valdéz, co-author of the lyrics, the record became legendary among the collector and music-freak circles. And now finally sees the light again as a licensed reissue by Polo Pepo himself thanks to La Vida Es Un Mus. The record comes with an 8-page booklet, a recent interview with Polo Pepo and two archive pictures of the man himself.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #186)