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Thrillhouse Records, in addition to being a record store, has put out several records of local Bay Area punk bands.  If you live within the USA you can order any of these records by clicking the “Add To Cart” button.

For orders outside the USA–> please order through our Discogs 




THR # 019 Quaaludes – Nothing New 7″


“Quaaludes are addictive. Fact. I’ve been seriously hooked since I first saw them last year. Quaaludes is a force of nature in SF. They are one of those rare all XX bands that fit on any punk bill, a loved local to the SF scene, adored by guys and grrrls alike. This is their first EP, and just like every performance I’ve seen of them, it does not disappoint. Well recorded, with crisp melodic bass and drums, even more euphonically distorted guitar, with Aimee’s straight up unapologetic, bratty riot grrrl vocals at the forefront. Best song on here is “Stiff Little Single.” This song is fucking genius with a perfect bass rift and unmistakably rad lyrics “I’m going to take you to a place where I can fuck you.” Instant classic. The only thing that’s missing on this EP is the pogoing girl-friendly pit and Aimee’s crazy stage antics. Buy it before it sells out. –Camylle Reynolds ” (review from Razorcake zine 


THR #018 By Any Means – Compilation
tape $6.00

The Bay Area seems to always have a ridiculous amount of amazing bands, but along with this good fortune, we have the curse of heightened impermanence. All the bands seem to burn hot than burnout too soon. Our scene is a scene, always moving, always in flux, always changing, and yet somehow always awesome. In assembling this tape, we tried to find a cross section of bands that were setting the Bay on fire this very moment. We certainly couldn’t fit all the current bands we love onto one tape, but this tape does showcase how awesome it is to be in the Bay Area in 2013. Songs by: Neon Piss, Sourpatch, Synthetic ID, Street Eaters, Comadre, No Statik, Apogee Sound Club, Index, True Mutants, Hunting Party, Violent Change, Permanent Ruin, C’est Domage, Cold Circuits, Saint Lorena, Daikon, Replica, Endemics, New Flesh, Huff Stuff Magazine, Nasty Christmas.




THR #017 Shellshag / Apogee Sound Club
SPLIT 7″ $6.00

By now, most of us are familiar with SHELLSHAG. We know em and we love them. They’ve tirelessly toured the country giving us unforgettable shows, and unforgettable hangovers the next morning. Even the most jaded punks will find themselves locking arms and pogo-ing with their friends, just like they did before they got old enough to think they looked cooler by “not dancing”. SHELLSHAG brings us two original songs and…yep you guessed it, a cover. On the flip side is a new band APOGEE SOUND CLUB who are releasing this fresh on the heels of thier awesome debut EP on Fully Intercoastal Records. It’s aggressive and angular, bringing to mind such acts as Gang of Four and/or The Ex. This EP is also united with blood as Wade (of Apogee Sound Club) and Shell (of Shellshag) are brothers. How cool is that?!?



THR #016 Hard Feelings
Self Titled 7″ $5.50

Unrestrained snotty punk spewed out by a couple of young Duluth Minnesota wild asses. Drawing on the ghosts of late 80’s East Bay pop punk, they combine the song writing prowess and youthful energy of CRIMPSHRINE with the down-and-out glam of HICKEY. Always fast, always trashy, always ugly. Never simple, never predictable. It’s as catchy and gross as it gets. So awesome!






THR #015 Onion Flavored Rings
Funny 7″ $5.50

After two full-length records, numerous EPs and nearly a decade of touring the nation, these Bay Area D.I.Y. pop-punk veterans give us their latest and last recording. These songs creep up on you and get stuck in your head for days on end. Not only the most brilliantly catchy melodies and harmonies of perfect poppiness, but lyrics of scientific portent and the endless agony of the human condition with a nihilist bent. Its pop punk soaked in doom and gloom. Featuring members of Surrender, Black Rainbow, Crimpshrine and Allergic To Bullshit. Recommended for fan of early-era Lookout Bay Area punk.



THR #014 Songs For Moms
I Used To Believe In the West LP $9.00

(Sold out)

Songs For Moms 2nd full length LP. All-girl San Francisco/Bay Area trio that creates an incredibly tuneful sound that feels like a combination of Loretta Lynn and Patti Smith. Over laying rock, punk and country; they cross back and forth between bouncy bittersweet melodies and raw aggression, yet always staying poetic and beautiful. Limited edition hand screened covers limited to first 500.



THR #013 Sexy
Por Vida LP $8.00

Brilliant pop music meets drunken D.I.Y. punk rock. At first listen it may sound sloppy and noisy but somehow the tunes get totally stuck in your head. Upon further listening you’ll realize that Sexy are pure rock geniuses. Lyrics that are heartbreaking, hilarious, and dare I say, poetic — sung and played by the bafflingly talented duo of Ashley Krey (of Future Virgins) on guitar, and Chris Kohler (ex-Dory Tourette and the Skirtheads) on drums. This record was originally put out by Onion Flavored Records years ago, and has been out of print for ages. I many times argued the opinion that this record is the best LP to come out in the last ten years, and I still hold by that to this day. Which is why I went though all the effort of putting this out again. This is a total classic! Essential! (side note: The record has been remasted so don’t worry about it skip like many of the originals)


Paper Thrones LP $9.00

The long anticipated full length LP from the Bay Area’s peace-punk band SURRENDER. Thirteen songs of mid-tempo, early 80’s UK anarcho punk. Very reminiscent of CRASS and early CHUMBAWAMBA. Smart, and very well thought out political lyrics, sung in duel male/female, and almost poetic at times. A bit more melodic at times than the stereotypical peace-punk, and even laced with hints of riot grrrl. Altogether making their sound deeply enriched in old-style UK anarcho peace punk, and totally original at the same time.



Self Titled 7″ $5.50

The debut release by this San Francisco Bay Area anarchist thrashy pop punk band, with 3 songs of speedy, melodic and very noisypunk. Band members come out of a thundering herd of
BULLSHIT, TULSA, MIAMI etc.etc. Besides the cool tunes and lyrics
(printed on the inside), this comes with a 28-page zine by the band with lots of photos, artwork and info about San Francisco anarchy past and present, including the Diggers, Alemany Gardens, medicinal plants, Tenderloin National Forest, sprouting redwood trees, Mission District lore, and lots more.



Patriot LP $9.00

After several years in the making this 19 song epic full length album has finally been properly released in its entirety. If you got a tape or burned CD of Shotwell’s Patriot a year or two back, that was only about half of the album. Now its finally all together, mastered and featuring some fucking amazing artwork.

Shotwell falls somewhere between the Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, all with a heavy mid 90’s Bay Area influence. And after over 15 years of continuous performing and recording (through countless line-up changes) the Patriot stands alone as a recording of Shotwell at their best.



“Perfect Evolution” 7″ $5.50

All new 7 song concept 7in album from the Bay Area’s long standing punk rockers. The poppy underground DIY punk’s answer to Devo. Fucking great! A bit more rough and harder rocking than their “Two Minute Enlightenment” recordings but still unmistakably OFR. Similar to the songs from the 2007 tour tape, all rerecorded and sounding amazing! Always really liked OFR but I’m really stoked on the direction their new song writing is going. This 7″ is OFR’s Zen Arcade!



“hot buns” 7″ $5.50

7 Single featuring 2 new amazing songs from Bay Area’s Love Songs. The album cover should explain where this is going. When you listen to this be sure to wear some pants you don’t like all that much, cause they are getting thoroughly peed in from the shear awesomeness of these songs. I’m not joking.


never ending party reaction split

split 7″ $5.00

Two of the best new Bay Area punk bands to come out in the year or two. This 7″ features the first 2 songs written by each band. The Reaction, featuring Wade from 50 Million and Will from Wildlife, have a straight-up rock n roll with a 60s mod influence style to them. While Neverending Party’s sound is comparable to Replacements and Husker Du. First pressing is all on beautiful Red vinyl.



“if the door is locked…..” 7″

Sold Out
The debut 7″ from San Francisco Mission District punkers. United by all working together at the same restaurant, and living together at the Thrillhouse Records compound. They bring you 4 beer soaked tunes about Magic Cards, World of Warcraft and social alienation. Very trashy punk with a touch of metal, comparable to Rudimentary Peni, or even Men’s Recovery Project.



“spill your guts” LP

sold out
First LP by this all girl Bay Area punk band. Their music is in the school of Bikini Kill, early Lookout Records, Raooul kind of stuff. Totally manic vocals and shredding guitar. 10 songs, all classic, this album is the jam!





“five songs about videogames….” CD $6.00

Pure-fun, geek-driven pop punk with echoes of THE MUMMIES and THE BANANAS. Includes 5 songs about online videogames and one about Dylan MaKay (the heart-throb from 90210). All songs super funny and catchy. For fans of THE ERGS and World of Warcraft.



“baby” LP

Sold Out
Fleshies first album which has been out of print for about 8 years now. Originally a CD only release and limited to 500 copies, is now remixed, remastered and put to vinyl for the first time ever. Some of the best FLESHIES song ever written appear on this album. First 100 on green vinyl and available only through mail order and the Thrillhouse store.



“rock immortal” LP $9.00

The best album you’ve never heard! Seriously! Truly original style of songwriting. The album transitions from trashy HICKEY-style punk to country (not in the bad way) and then back again over and over. All of it a heavy Buddy Holly vibe. Written and preformed in a speed addled delirium and then recorded by none other than the late Matty Luv himself.


“carmelita sings” CD $8.00

Carmelita Sings! was Bobby Joe Ebola’s masterful swan song. Musically twisting and turning more than a rollercoaster in the middle of a hurricane, the album sways from rock to lounge, from country to psychedelic soul… always winding up landing back in the middle of a pointed, oft-pissed and clever song. With the influence of artists such as Frank Zappa, Flipper, They Might Be Giants and Tom Lehrer. Features 31 tracks including the entire original album and all of the unreleased and comp tracks from the same sessions.